Black Lab Embedded Linux

Black Lab Embedded Linux is a 64 bit Linux based OS, that is geared towards Intel and AMD based single board systems, standard Intel or AMD based desktops and laptops and IoT devices as well as Compute Stick devices.  It has all the applications business users will need for work, research and deployment among lower spec systems.  It can also be deployed as  a desktop and/or server.  Black Lab Embedded Linux is based on Black Lab Enterprise Linux and is certified in many states to run government intranet and web based applications.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux is deployed by 4 out of 5 US military branches and is in use by the NOAA and the National Weather Service.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux is also used by many local law enforcement agencies as well as deployed by over 100 school systems in 50 states as well as 20 school systems on the African continent.

Black Lab Embedded Linux is ideal for not only IoT devices but for users who need to deploy specific services on a lightweight operating system.  Black Lab Embedded Linux is used by a national Auto Parts retail store to power their thin client devices and host their parts catalogs and Point-Of-Sale systems.  Black Lab Embedded Linux is also used by 2 food service establishments to power their Point-Of-Sale systems and their ordering systems.


Free license - The free license, when you download Black Lab Embedded Linux from the website, provides full community, forum and social media support.

Support Subscription - For an annual fee the support subscription provides you with 12 months of phone and e-mail support from PC/OpenSystems LLC.  It also provides you with onsite service and support as well as auditing, training and a complete overview of your IT infrastructure.


What does this system include?  it contains the LXDE desktop environment and is designed to work with conventional keyboard and mouse input, as well as make it as comfortable as possible for users with touch screen input.  It can also be used from the install media without having to install.

5 years of support
Chromium Web Browser
Multimedia Player
Ice SSB web app creator
Full ZFS Filesystem support
Full XFS Filesystem support
Full UEFI and Secureboot support

System Requirements

64 bit 1ghz or newer processor
1 gb of RAM
20 gb of hard drive space
VGA Graphics
Touch interface or keyboard and mouse interface.



You can purchase Black Lab Embedded Linux on installable media from our Webstore:

Install Media Options

SD Card

Legal Notice

PC OpenSystems LLC offers indeminity for all customers and users of all versions of Black Lab Linux.  Customers and users are non-liable for any and ALL accusations of trademark or patent infringement.  Despite your license or subscription status.  PC OpenSystems LLC and Black Lab Linux are proud to be licensees of the OIN, Open Invention Network.

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