Linspire HPC

Linspire HPC is a 64 bit Linux based OS, that is designed and implemented for HPC or High Performance Computing. It has all the applications and capabilities of a UNIX style system with the support and viability of Linux.

Desktops and Servers.

With this system you can host the entire line of legacy applications that may still be in use in your environment as well as facilities for deploying web apps. Linspire HPC is certified in many states to run government intranet and web based applications. Built into Linspire HPC is what we call the UNIX subsystems which allows you to take your current UNIX applications and run many* of these applications unmodified on Linspire HPC. We also combine an application environment that will allow you to bring web apps to your platform whether hosting these applications, consuming these applications or both.

 Linspire HPC can also be used as a desktop system for your productivity workers, researchers, code developers and multimedia creators. Linspire HPC is shipped either pre-installed on our systems for maximum performance and compatibility or users can purchase Linspire HPC for hardware that they wish to re-purpose.

*Applications that are targeted to inter-operate specifically on hardware requires a recompile of the source code. Applications that require Java, QT or the x86/x64 platform require little to no changes.


 Support Subscription - For an annual fee the support subscription provides you with 12 months of phone and e-mail support from PC/OpenSystems LLC. It also provides you with onsite service and support as well as auditing, training and a complete overview of your IT infrastructure.


Linspire HPC is the only Linux distribution that is supported for up to 10 years. Most Linux distributions are only supported for 6 months to 5 years and require constant maintenance. Linspire HPC can be maintained remotely or physically and upon install a vanilla Linspire HPC system can be deployed and running in 20 minutes time** UNIX Systems that we support are:

SGI Irix
Mac OS X
SCO OpenServer
SCO UnixWare
UNIX System V and beyond

**Service and uptime depend on what additional packages you install in the system


What does this system include? it contains a modified XFCE desktop and is designed to work with conventional keyboard and mouse input, and can be run either graphically, headless or command line only. It also includes a whole host of applications and features as well as a wealth of command line only applications.

  • 10 years of support
  • Seamonkey Web Browser and e-mail client
  • Media Player
  • Font Manager
  • NitroShare
  • Synergy
  • .NET Core support
  • Microsoft SQL Server for Linux Support
  • Ice SSB web app creator
  • Full ZFS Filesystem support
  • Full XFS Filesystem support
  • Full UEFI and Secureboot support

Linspire HPC is compatible with all Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications.

System Requirements 

64 bit 1ghz or newer processor
2 gb of RAM for a desktop system, 8 gb of RAM for an HPC system
20 gb of hard drive space
VGA Graphics
Touch interface or keyboard and mouse interface.

Hardware Support 

Linspire HPC is compatible with the following manufactured systems

  • SGI UV
  • SGI Ice
  • SGI Rackable Systems
  • SGI InfiniteData Cluster systems
  • HPE Apollo 10
  • HPE Proliant DL
  • HPE Superdome 1 and 2
  • HPE Integrity x86 based servers
  • Lenovo x3300 M4
  • Lenovo x3100 M4
  • Lenovo x3100 M5
  • Oracle X6-2
  • Oracle X7


You can purchase Linspire HPC here or contact for invoicing

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Legal Notice 

PC/OpenSystems LLC offers indeminity for all customers and users of all versions of Linspire HPC. Customers and users are non-liable for any and ALL accusations of trademark or patent infringement. Despite your license or subscription status. PC/OpenSystems LLC is proud to be licensees of the OIN, Open Invention Network.

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