Tuesday, June 7, 2016

NetOS, NetOS Enterprise and NetOS Education Released

Today PC/OpenSystems LLC is proud to announce the release of our NetOS line of network operating systems.  The development team has been working for over a year and a half, honing our cloud based offerings to the cutting edge, bringing the very latest-and-greatest to our faithful customers.  As the computing world continues to migrate towards that model, PC/OpenSystems LLC decided that it was time for us to position ourselves in the vanguard of cloud-focused Linux.

How does NetOS work?

It contains a primary set of web-based apps, including :

Google Office/Gmail/Drive/Maps/Play Music/Search/Translate
Microsoft Office Online
Outlook Web
Apple iCloud
Pixlr Image Editor
Pixlr Express

The system contains a few best-of-breed locally-installed applications :

Google Chrome
Ice SSB from the Peppermint OS crowd
Media Player

What differentiates NetOS from the growing crowd of cloud-based operating systems is that NetOS includes the ability for users and customers to download and install any Ubuntu or Debian based software package that they want or need to. We offer the customer that flexibility to do whatever they want : run it locally, run it in the cloud, use all of the resources NetOS offers to suit your particular workflow.  For Chromebook customers, Whatever you do on Chrome OS, you can do on NetOS - we’re that flexible. And structurally we are different; NetOS can be readily installed on off-the-shelf commodity PCs, laptops, netbooks, or on older repurposed hardware.  PC/OpenSystems partners with ACER and HP but NetOS can be installed on Macbook Pro / Mini / iMac, Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft Surface products as well as certain Chromebooks. Chrome OS pairs its OS with specific hardware platforms which require new hardware with an OS upgrade.
PC/OpenSystems NetOS also offers long-term protected storage. Chrome OS treats local storage as a cache which stores and then overwrites your data on a first-come, first-serve basis, NetOS treats the filesystem as a traditional storage device and doesn’t overwrite data, regardless of the time involved - day, week, month, year. NetOS offers storage options : local or in the cloud, hard drive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

How much does it cost? NetOS can be downloaded and installed virtually free of charge (an 8 GB flash drive for the installation medium will set you back about $5.00). Download it from the web with online and forum support or purchase a boxed set for $19.99 and that gets you 30 days of installation support. OEMs can bundle NetOS for free on their hardware.

PC/OpenSystem LLC Webstore

Download NetOS 8.0

Specialized releases such as NetOS Enterprise and NetOS Education are purchased with yearly support subscriptions. Licenses are available through our webstore or you can contact sales@pc-opensystems.com; OEMs who wish to license NetOS Enterprise can contact support@pc-opensystems.com. These subscriptions are bundled with add-ons and advanced management utilities to make the admin’s life easier.  

NetOS Enterprise is bundled with the following addons:

Oracle Cloud Services integration
Microsoft Azure integration
Amazon web services integration
Slack Team collaboration
PostgreSQL Client
Glom - easy database creator
Encryption File System Manager
ACLS - control where the system can go online and what times users are allowed access.
Google Apps for Business

NetOS Education is by far the best solution for K-12 facilities;it offers full integration and interoperability with your current infrastructure : Windows, Chrome OS or Apple OS X.  Our cloudbook offering works seamlessly with Chromebook charging carts and a wide variety of standard projectors, external monitors and 4K displays. We also wanted to focus NetOS Education to target developing countries, some of which don't have wide access to broadband connections, using dialup or satellite connections. For these situations PC/OpenSystems LLC has included a modem dialer and we have also worked with many of the satellite companies in those regions to make sure that our users get the best possible experience. We have also created a special international version of NetOS Education for developing countries in Africa and Asia that come with mobile versions of these web apps and more traditional applications like Abiword, Gcompris and Gnumeric. This mix accommodates all of their needs and gives them the best possible solution to operate within their unique technological limitations. If this scenario is applicable to your situation, please order accordingly.  

NetOS Education is bundled with the following addons :

Edmodo - which is a social networking site for teacher, students and parents
Education.com integration
Google classroom integration
Adesia Desktop Sketching
Calibre ebook management for textbooks and PDF files
Synergy which allows teachers to take control of input devices.
Tux Education suite.

This mix of web-based apps and local Linux packages makes NetOS a compelling choice for any educator in any situation.


PC/OpenSystems, contrary to our name, takes security very seriously.  Our customers trust that our solutions in the enterprise or school environment will be equally stable, secure and robust. This is a great responsibility that Black Lab lives up to with every release. NetOS is resistant to ransomware and other malware but since we do take our role as a responsible citizen seriously, our OS comes with an integrated antivirus solution. You can choose to encrypt your user account during installation and afterwards you can use the Encryption Filesystem Manager to encrypt specific folders. NetOS is also compatible with most biometric scanners.

These are the reasons that distinguish NetOS from the growing crowd of cloud-focused distributions and operating systems.  Whether used for personal, commercial or educational use, NetOS stands head-and-shoulders above the competition.

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