Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chrome OS and CloudReady devices now available

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of multiple Chrome OS and CloudReady Devices.

CloudReady Devices

Chrome OS Devices

We are offering these devices in conjunction with our own desktop and server offerings for customers in the education, enterprise and consumer markets.

Some of the benefits you get from PC/OpenSystems LLC:

Very competitive pricing
4 year warranty on desktops
3 year warranty on notebooks
35% off on 4 year trade in on Chrome OS devices
Full interoperability with Black Lab Server

We also offer multiple unit shipments and we offer 48 hour shipment of devices.

You can find out more about CloudReady from Neverware

You can find out more about Chrome OS from Google

We sat down with Roberto Dohnert to discuss the new Chrome OS and CloudReady systems that we have available.

Q)  Why Chrome OS and why CloudReady?
A) Chromebooks and Chrome devices have a pretty good standing in businesses like education and the financial sector and our customers have asked for them so we are delivering.  Chrome OS devices though are limited in their hardware.  Most Chrome OS devices have 4 gb of RAM and a 16 gb SSD or eMMC Flash drive.  The most high end I have seen has a 128 gb SSD with 16 GB of RAM and they dont offer much in terms of expansion thats why we offer CloudReady devices they are nearly identical to Chrome OS in functionality AND the devices we offer have expansion options.  You can upgrade the SSD's and upgrade the RAM.

Q) Doesnt Neverware charge for CloudReady and what about Android apps on CloudReady devices?
A) Thats why I said nearly identical.  All business and Education users get one free year of licensing when you purchase the system, the license is in the box.  Google Device management licenses are sold separately.  We will manage the licensing and acquisition of licensing for customers if needed.  As for Android apps you will have to talk to Neverware about that.

Q) Are we discontinuing development of our desktop Linux offerings, Black Lab Linux and netOS?
A) No, these devices are for customers who deploy Chrome OS devices.  We still sell a lot of desktop Linux systems and that will not change.

Q) Will we be offering CloudReady as a standalone product?
A) No.  We will work with clients who want to deploy CloudReady on old hardware systems whether it be through installation or license acquisition.  Google doesnt offer Chrome OS as a generic system, which is a shame, but we will also assist customers in acquiring whatever hardware or software they need.

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