Tuesday, January 31, 2017

netOS 10.65 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of netOS 10.65. netOS 10.65 is the emerging standard in enterprise desktop Linux computing in both businesses and in schools.  netOS for Education is targeted at K-12 installations, while netOS 10.65 for Enterprise is targeted at businesses and institutes of higher learning.

With netOS 10.65 we worked on several different aspects of the operating system.  We worked on security, flexibility and usability.  netOS 10.65 runs on a much wider variety of hardware, runs a much wider variety of peripherals and runs on much more enterprise class hardware.

Current customers can download the new release from the digital locker

Some of the new features that are included netOS 10.65 are:

Runs on the 16.04 LTS base

1.  Unity and GNOME hybrid Image.  Some of our customers have come from Ubuntu and Unity, we now feature the full Unity desktop so all of your custom dash lenses will work on netOS now, also applications that you wrote for Ubuntu utilizing their UI style such as the SDI elements, dash and HUD integration will work unmodified.  For those of that dislike Unity, you can choose GNOME from the login manager

2.  Canonical compatibility - Any Canonical specific services you deploy are 100% compatible with netOS 10.65.  Landscape and SNAP packages will work unmodified.

3. RHEL compatibility.  netOS 10.65 can host YUM repositories and with RPM built in all RPM packages will install.  Compatibility is for RHEL 6.5/7.x

4. .NET Core - netOS is the ONLY enterprise Linux distribution that has full support for .NET Core, our competitors only have limited support.

5.  MS SQL Server support - netOS fully supports SQL Server on Linux.  This includes development and deployment.

6. LibreOffice 5.2.5

7. EncFS fixed - We have applied all fixes to EncFS and encrypted folders

8. Nitroshare

9.  Firefox 51.01

10.  Bleachbit

11.  Linux kernel 4.4.0-59

12.  GNOME components  3.18.5

13.  GTK 3.22

14.  ICE SSB to create any localized web apps that you wish

15.  Google Drive Integration

16. Virtual Machine integration

We also include all security updates until January 27, 2017

Education customers which is a giant focus of ours also get a few new features themselves

1. Gcompris Educations Suite

2. Terminal Client and Server functionality

3. Google Classroom support

4. Calibre Digital Textbook management

5.  Synergy support

6.  Ardesia Desktop sketchpad support

Minimum System Requirements

64 Bit Intel or AMD CPU
1.5 gb of RAM
10 gb HDD
Keyboard and mouse
Touchscreen Interface

As always we added new systems that we support.  netOS 10.65 and Black Lab Linux are certified by us to run on this hardware and these models are as follows:

Google Search Appliance - Dell PowerEdge R710 - Both the 2U and 5U models.  We support netOS 10.65 desktop and server on these systems due to Google cancellation of their search appliance  for enterprise we realize some customers have need to re-deploy that hardware.

All models of the Intel NUC including but not limited to:

Intel® NUC NUC7i7BNH
Intel® NUC NUC7i5BNH
Intel® NUC NUC7i5BNK
Intel® NUC NUC7i3BNH
Intel® NUC NUC7i3BNK

We also support the Microsoft Surface family of products including:

Surface 4
Surface Studio

** Please note we do NOT support the Surface Dial at this time.

We support the following Chromebooks:

Chromebook Pixel 1
Chromebook Pixel 2
ASUS Flip C301SA/C300SA
Samsung Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook Pro


You can download netOS Express 10.65 from our download pages.  Express is a cut down release of the main OS that can be used for general desktop purposes.  netOS Express edition has the following features disabled:

No drivers for Surface or MacBook stand alone installation
No Skype telecommunications built in
No Virtual Machine Integration
No re-bootless kernel updating
No bleachbit support
No XFS, ZFS or BTRFS support
No formal support, forum and Social Media support only

You can download netOS Express 10.65 from here



Cost was something we take very heavily into consideration when serving Enterprise and Education customers.  We try very hard to keep pace with our competitors and new emerging technologies.  When you buy new systems from us preloaded you get a full 2 years of software support from us.  You can order netOS 10.65 below or from our webstore.

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