Thursday, March 23, 2017

netOS Server 10.65.1 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of netOS Server 10.65.  netOS Server is built for today's cloud infrastructure as well as in-house data-center deployment.  We have positioned netOS Server for security and as the easiest to use and deploy Linux server system on the market.  netOS Server is designed to be easy to use by novices and seasoned Linux professionals.

netOS Server includes the following features:

Apache2 Web Server
Tomcat 8 Application server
ChromiumOS WebContainer technology
Systemwide encryption
kernel 4.4.0-67
Webmin remote administration
OpenSSH Server and Client
Support for Docker
Support for OpenStack
Support for OwnCloud
rebootless kernel updates
BTRFS support
XFS Support

netOS Server being positioned as the easiest to use Linux server is also tailored for experienced Linux administrators and we make it as easy as possible for Windows Server administrators and macOS Server administrators so we built in a number of interface solutions:

Headless operation
Full GUI experience with XFCE 4.12
Embedded GUI Experience with DWM
Command Line Interface

We are delivering the FULL netOS Server experience to users and customers as a free download.  Customers who have a support subscription will continue to receive their support of 24 months of phone and e-mail support and onsite maintenance.  All new support licenses get 24 months of support and is renewable every 2 calendar years.  The free download will have ONLY forum and social media support but users can purchase a support license as well.  We are also delivering netOS Server preinstalled on server hardware available from PC/OpenSystems LLC.

PC/OpenSystems LLC Server Hardware

To access the live session in username type 'custom' and there is no password.

netOS Server 10.65.1 x86_64      md5

You can purchase netOS Server licenses below

netOS Server Support License
Install Media
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