Friday, October 29, 2021

Xandros Embedded Desktop 2021 Release

Today the PC/Opensystems Enterprise development team is pleased to announce the release of Xandros Embedded Desktop 2021. This new platform offers total flexibility and extreme performance for customers who administer high performance / availability servers / desktops. 

Xandros ED2021 is a hybrid OS - total flexibility means deploying web apps or traditional desktop applications seamlessly. Xandros Embedded Desktop is a lean system containing a web browser, e-mail client and a few careful selected utility apps - extreme performance requires a lightweight, optimized system with a reduced footprint for potential security incursions. 

Users of Xandros ED2021 can of course peruse the vast Xandros / Ubuntu / Debian repositories and download the traditional desktop applications they need to supplement what is included by default. Xandros Embedded Desktop has been featured in : 

  • Developer workstations 
  • POS Systems 
  • Inventory Control frameworks
  • Servers / Mainframes support elements
  • Database management 
  •  Specialized hardware control 
  •  Contractor management 

 These are edge cases; more the exception than the rule. Xandros Embedded Desktop excels as a traditional desktop OS - it can be deployed on a myriad of hardware platforms - high performance workstations, Intel Chromebooks / IOT systems and if necessary, its frugal footprint can make legacy hardware shine. 

Xandros ED2021 is one of PC/OS’ most versatile OS products. All of this + PC/OS’ 24x7 trusted infrastructure. Xandros Embedded Desktop 2021 in any of its flavors on any hardware you choose is the only commercial Linux desktop alternative to Windows 11. 

  • Xandros ED2021 also features : 
  •  Full GUI System – XFCE + DWN Tiling Window Manager 
  • LTS Kernel 5.4.0-89 
  • OpenSSH Client 
  • Google Chrome 
  • Ice SSB 
  • Chrome web application framework 
  • NFS / XFS / JFS / BTRFS / ZFS - exFAT support 
  • Multimedia support 
  • Remote Administration capability 
  • Biometric Services 
  • Samba 
  • LDAP Directory services 
  • Microsoft Powershell 
  • Visual Studio Code 

 With a 12 month / 3 year Phone, e-mail, and remote support available, rest assured that PC/OpenSystens LLC will keep your systems running smoothly for years to come. We also deliver custom ISOs for customers which contain the applications that your business requires. Contact for details.

You can purchase Xandros Embedded Desktop here, from our webstore and if you need specialized deployments contact

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