Saturday, March 19, 2022

PC/OS Server 20.04.4 Released

Today, the PC/OpenSystems LLC Development team is pleased to release PC/OS Server 20.04.4, this is our server solution for small to medium sized businesses. This release replaces PC/Server 2018 R4 and includes many enhancements and security updates. This also brings the base to Canonicals 20.04 LTS from the 16.04 LTS base. As with our desktop distributions we have put the cloud front and center in this release and have broadened the roles for the server operating system. 

Some of the changes users will notice is that for virtualization we have dropped Oracle VirtualBox and went with KVM solutions instead. We have also improved support for Microsoft SQL Server for Linux. We have also improved ZFS support for OpenServer 12. So whether you are a new customers or one of our longtime customers PC/OS Server 20.04.4 is a worthy upgrade. 

PC/OS Server 20.04.4 with its new base enhances security and broadens hardware support. Falkon replaces Google Chrome. 

We have replaced GNOME with KDE, which is the gold standard of Linux desktop environments, and we still include DWM and first boot now brings you to DWM as the default desktop.  If you dont wish to use a desktop environment you can run Xandros OpenServer 12 command line only or headless. PC/OS Server 20.04.4 comes in a paid supported release as well as a no support release which is free to download and use. 

The Server includes : 
  • KDE 5.18.8 
  • DWM 
  • 5.13.0-35 Server kernel 
  • Muon Package Manager 
  • Falkon  
  • Cockpit 
  • Apache Web Server 
  • MongoDB 
  • LDAP Directory Services 
  • NFS, JFS, XFS, ZFS filesystem support 
  • Powershell 
  • Ansible Automation Services 
  • KVM Virtualization with GNOME Boxes GUI frontend 
  • OpenJDK 17, Build Essentials, Clang preinstalled
  • Visual Studio Code 
  • Samba for Windows networking 
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server for Linux 

All security and feature updates applied until March 18, 2022. 

For more information on PC/OS Server 20.04.4 you can go here 

For the no-support release you can download the ISO from here. 

To purchase PC/OS Server 20.04.4 you can contact or you can go to our webstore

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