Xandros Cloud

Xandros Cloud is a Linux distribution that is developed for high availability cloud computing. Xandros Cloud is in essence a more robust cloud desktop sytem than the more traditional cloud solutions. With Xandros Cloud you have the flexibility of an all cloud solution or a more hybrid solution of cloud and traditional desktop applications. Xandros Cloud is fully compatible with all web applications that are supported by ChromeOS and satisfies all certification requirements of all 50 states and territories of the United States. 

Some of the benefits of Xandros Cloud include: 

10 year support cycle full support for all Intel based Chromebooks and Personal Computer systems 
Fully compatible with Googles Management Console so you can enjoy mixed environments of Chromebooks and Xandros Cloud systems 
Fully compatible with Google Classroom 

Other uses for Xandros Cloud include:  

Mission control services 
Thin client solutions 
Cloud Workstation 
Mainframe Support Element 
Point of sale System 
Mobile NCIC terminal services 
Mobile Law Enforcement Systems 

Xandros Cloud is widely used by our educational customers with deployments in over 220 school systems world wide, our enterprise customers mobile work forces and stationary services and over 60 law enforcement agencies. It allows you to maximize the life of your existing hardware investments. 

Feature Set 

Full GUI environment – Customized XFCE 4.14 
Linux kernel LTS 
Google Chrome 
NFS XFS ZFS Support 
ExFAT support 
Full Multimedia Codecs 
DVD and Blu-Ray playback 
Biometric Identification support 

Office 365 Users 

Xandros Cloud Office 365 includes support and easy access to all of Microsofts online application services and preinstalled shortcuts to those services 

Minimum System Requirements 

Processor: 64 bit AMD or Intel CPU 
RAM: 2 GB of RAM for installation, 4 GB or more of RAM recommended 
Storage: 20 GB or more 
Network support: Wifi, Fiber Optic, and Ethernet support 

Xandros Cloud is compatible with all Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications. 

Current Release 

Xandros Cloud 2019 R3


You can purchase this release from the Webstore

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