Black Lab Linux Express Edition

Black Lab Linux Express Edition is a user friendly distribution based on the current LTS release of Ubuntu Linux.  Black Lab Linux Expess Edition offers the features out of box that are not currently available on other Ubuntu or Debian alternatives.  We believe things like multimedia playback, gaming and productivity are features that users should experience out of box rather than having to add on later.

We strive to make Black Lab Linux the most user friendly, most capable Linux distribution out of box.  Black Lab Linux Express Edition has the following features.

1.  Customized Mate interface
2.  Firefox Web browser for surfing the web
3.  Fogger web app creator
4.  Thunderbird E-Mail Suite
5.  Abiword Word Processor
6.  GNUMERIC Spreadsheet
7.  Pidgin Instant Messaging
8.  Photo cataloging
9.  Steam Gaming Client
10. VLC Media Center
11. Audacious Music Player
12. Webcam Booth
13. Video Editing Suite

The Black Lab Linux Express Edition is the best option for powerful computing for entertainment and productivity for gamers, students and home users.  If you need a desktop with more professional features and suitable for deployment in labs, offices and high end environments you can purchase Black Lab Professional Desktop.

System Requirements

1 ghz or faster 64 Bit CPU - All PC's manufactured after 2005 are 64 bit capable systems

1.0 GB of RAM more RAM gives the system better performance

20 gb of Hard Drive Space

2D or 3D graphics capable VGA, DVI or HDMI

Current Released Version:6.5
Development Release: 7.0 PR

Get it now

There are a couple of ways to get Black Lab Linux Express Edition.  For those of you that are under bandwidth restraints you can purchase Black Lab Linux for $19.99 + 5.00 Shipping which ships on a Live Installable USB Drive, Live SD, Live MicroSD or a Live Installable DVD which includes forum support and 30 days of e-mail support.  For $99.00 + Shipping you get a Live Installable USB Drive or a Live Installable DVD which includes 12 months of e-mail support plus you get all major system updates on a Live Installable USB Drive or a Live Installable DVD for 12 months.

Order Notes:

If you wish, you can download Black Lab Linux from our Sourceforge Page free of charge that you can write to DVD or USB key for installation with forum and community support.

Download Black Lab Linux Express Edition (64 Bit ISO)

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