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FreespireOS is a 64 bit freely available and OPEN Linux based OS, that is geared towards open source users and developers who want a quality free open OS. It has all the applications users will need for consumption of media and developer tools for those that want to tinker with the system and deploy their own custom software and kernels. With FreespireOS you can host the entire line of legacy applications that may still be in use in your environment as well as facilities for deploying web apps.

Comparisons to LinspireOS

Freespire contains the same kernel and userland tools that LinspireOS customers enjoy.  What we have removed from FreespireOS are some drivers and binary only software that users dont need and that we have to pay a fee to license.  Unlike the former Linspire Inc. and Xandros our release of Freespire is completely free and usable as a standalone desktop OS.


FreespireOS is completely free to use and distribute and is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 and a mixture of other licenses such as the BSD License.  Some of the software packages included or in the repository are licensed under the GNU GPLv3.  Listed below are references to the licenses used in FreespireOS

FreespireOS Desktop Features 

What does this system include? It contains a highly advanced desktop that is comfortable for users who want to be highly productive, easy to use and it requires very little retraining. It also includes a whole host of applications and features that are geared towards the community user.

Community Support
Firefox Web Browser
Font Manager


Commercial Availability

If you live in an area with slower internet service or if your provider imposes data caps you may want to purchase a copy to install rather than download.  You can purchase a USB or SD card with the Freespire Installer here

Freespire OSS Edition
Install Media
Order Notes

Comparisons to other Community distributions

There are many Linux distributions that are available on the market.  How does FreespireOS stand up?

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