PC/OS CommunityEdition

PC/OS CommunityEdition is a free and open source release of PC/OS OpenDesktop.  While a free release it is a full featured.  PC/OS CommunityEdition is free to download, redistribute and can be used on an unlimited number of systems.  PC/OS CommunityEdition being a Debian based system the full suite of applications are available in the repositories and FlatPak repositories.

Release schedule:  PC/OS Community Edition is released at the same time new releases of PC/OS OpenDesktop are released

PC/OS Community Edition contains the following in the default system:
  • Full GUI environment – GNOME Desktop - The gold standard of the Linux desktop.
  • Linux kernel LTS - The Linux LTS kernel is a long term supported kernel that recieves updates and fixes for a longer period of time.
  • Firefox ESR- Web browser from Mozilla.  Uniquely engineered for security, privacy and performance.  Firefox ESR is an LTS technology
  • Thunderbird Mail and Calendar - Mail and Calendaring app compatible with IMAP, POP and Microsoft Exchange
  • ExFAT support - filesystem that you use to read flash drives
  • Multimedia support - support for consuming different audio and video formats
  • Balena Etcher - Tool for writing ISO images to a USB stick
  • Timeshift - Utility for rolling your system back in case of failure
  • OnlyOffice - Microsoft Office compatible office suite that can handle even the most complex documents
  • VLC - Extensive Multimedia Player for consuming  media
  • Zswap enabled for better performance and compatibility for hardware with less than 4 gb of RAM

Minimum System Requirements 

Processor: 64 bit AMD or Intel CPU 
RAM: 4 GB of RAM for installation, 8 GB or more of RAM recommended 
Storage: 20 GB or more 
Network support: Wifi, Fiber Optic, and Ethernet support 

Releases Available

Other Desktop options are available.  If you are an XFCE fan we have an XFCE release that is available upon request


You can download PC/OS Community Edition from here


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