PC/OS OpenDesktop

PC/OS OpenDesktop is a Linux distribution that is developed for high availability computing. PC/OS OpenDesktop is a flexible OS and can be used in a plethora of IT desktop solutions which include: 

Technical workstations 
 Developer workstation 
 Mission control services 
 Thin client solutions 
 Cloud Workstation 
 Mainframe Support Element 
 Point of sale System 
 Warehouse Inventory lookup system 
 Product catalog services 
 Currency Tracking Systems 
 Automatic Teller Machine Operating system 
Educational Systems 
 NCIC Terminal 
 Law Enforcement Systems 

 PC/OS OpenDesktop is widely used by our enterprise customers and hospitality, Automotive Parts, Restaurant and library customers who want to make use of lower specification hardware. It allows you to maximize the life of your existing hardware investments. 

Feature Set includes: 

  • Full GUI environment – GNOME Desktop - The gold standard of the Linux desktop.
  • Linux kernel LTS - The Linux LTS kernel is a long term supported kernel that recieves updates and fixes for a longer period of time.
  • Microsoft Edge- Web browser from Microsoft.  Uniquely engineered for security, privacy and performance. 
  • Thunderbird Mail and Calendar - Mail and Calendaring app compatible with IMAP, POP and Microsoft Exchange
  • OpenJRE 17 - Open Source Java runtime environment for running Java apps
  • ExFAT support - filesystem that you use to read flash drives
  • Multimedia support - support for consuming different audio and video formats
  • Balena Etcher - Tool for writing ISO images to a USB stick
  • Timeshift - Utility for rolling your system back in case of failure
  • OnlyOffice - Microsoft Office compatible office suite that can handle even the most complex documents
  • Microsoft Powershell - Open Source alternative command line shell from Microsoft
  • Filesystem support includes: XFS, JFS, BTRFS,EXT4
  • Zswap enabled for better performance and compatibility for hardware with less than 4 gb of RAM
  • OpenJDK 19
  • .NET SDK 7
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Cockpit 
  • Remmina Remote Desktop

Minimum System Requirements 

Processor: 64 bit AMD or Intel CPU 
RAM: 4 GB of RAM for installation, 8 GB or more of RAM recommended 
Storage: 20 GB or more 
Network support: Wifi, Fiber Optic, and Ethernet support 

PC/OS OpenDesktop is compatible with all Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications.



You can purchase this software from the Webstore

Purchase For commercial support, you can purchase your support licenses below or contact sales@pc-opensystems.com

All license sales are final. Once you have received your install media, you have effectively torn the shrinkwrap off of physical media, and there is no way for us to return that to stock. We are very happy to work with you to resolve any installation or operational issues which you may have as we continue to improve support for PC/OS Desktop

Support Terms

Self support licenses are valid for 12 months of support and service both remote and on-site ** After that 12 months, you are required to renew your support subscription.  After 12 months if you do not renew your support subscription then your support ends.

**On-site support does incur additional charges.  Please refer to your support license for details.

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