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Phone Number  North Carolina (919) 728-0386
Phone Number California (408) 657-7450

Mailing Address:

PO Box 698
Franklinton NC 27525

PO Box 4819
Mountain View California 94035

Web Inquiries can be made here

Company Officers

Roberto J. Dohnert           CEO and Lead System Developer

Clinton Albright               CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Dana Dice                         Press Relations, pcopensystems.press@outlook.com          

Sales Department              pcopensystems.sales@outlook.com

Legal Department             pcopensystems.legal@outlook.com

Development team

Roberto J Dohnert, Lead developer roberto.dohnert@outlook.com
Jamie Coates, Graphics Artist, GUI design
Gabriel Ayala, Kernel and device drivers
Micheal Vale, debugger and tester
Layla Davidson, applications developer, debugger and tester
Simon Lincoln, debugger and tester, kernel and userspace
Thomas Gaffe,  Compatibility and application certification
Rich Dennis, Documentation 


We thank each and everyone of these individuals for their contributions to PC/OpenSystems LLC

Adrienne Parsons, Vice President of Product Development
Cristobal Molina, CTO and lead graphics artist
Seth Forstall, Lead Kernel Developer
Ryan Flynn, tester and debugger
Andrew Moore, Kernel developer and debugger
Sebastion Wells, kernel developer and device drivers
Kelly Wells, GUI designer and Graphics artist
Danielle Cruz, Product Development


We would like to thank the following people for purposely or indirectly influencing PC/OS

Canonical Inc.
Google Inc.
 Texstar of PCLinuxOS
 Reverend G. Robert Turcotte for some of the Black Lab Linux themes
 Linus Torvalds
 Debian GNU/Linux team
 Xubuntu Linux team
 Kubuntu Linux team
 Patrick Q for Applications and artwork
 Nullhead for Black Lab Linux Homepage banner
Susan Marshall
James "Smitty" Smith
Pamela Richardson
Sharon Smith
Patricia Reason

 The PC/OS development team and all beta testers and insiders for helping make PC/OS OpenDesktop and PC/OS OpenServer a success.

Trademarks and Copyrights
PC/OpenSystems LLC owns many trademarks and copyrights to the software we develop and distribute.  Our trademarks and copyrights are legally enforceable among these trademarks the following are registered to Roberto J. Dohnert and PC/OpenSystems LLC:

Linspire CE
Linspire Enterprise Workstation
Linspire Enterprise Server
Linspire Embedded
Linspire Inc.
Linspire LLC

Freespire Linux

Xandros OpenServer
Xandros OpenDesktop
Xandros Cloud
Xandros Desktop
Xandros Stream

Black Lab Linux
Black Lab Enterprise Linux
Black Lab Linux for Education
Black Lab Linux HPC
Black Lab Linux for POWER
Black Lab Linux for ARM

Black Lab BriQ
Black Lab PowerStation
Black Lab ExtremeStation

PC/OS Desktop
PC/OS Workstation
PC/OS Open64
PC/OS OpenServer System
PC/OS OpenDesktop
PC/OS OpenPower
PC/OS OpenPower64


PC/OpenSuite for Windows
PC/OpenSuite for Apple
JenDev Systems LLC
PC/OpenSystems LLC
PC OpenSolutions LLC
PC OpenSolutions International

We also have trademarks on the following images

None of these images may be used without permission from PC/OpenSystems LLC. or Roberto J. Dohnert.

Any inquiries about these trademarks, copyrights or any future registrations should be directed at our Legal Department, pcopensystems.legal@outlook.com

Welcome to PC/OpenSystems LLC

PC/OpenSystems LLC. is dedicated to providing top customer service including integration, providing Linux compatible hardware and enterprise desktop software solutions. We provide solutions tailored to your needs whether its building systems to suit your needs. Whether its a custom database solution, providing Linux powered PC and Server Solutions. Whatever you need you can rest assured that PC/OpenSystems LLC. will deliver a high performance and stable product

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About PC/OpenSystems LLC.

PC/OpenSystems LLC. is a small consulting firm and the only Linux retailer in NC for Linux PC's and custom systems located in Franklinton North Carolina. We specialize in hardware repair and we resell custom Linux based computers, software maintenance as well as custom application development.