Friday, March 25, 2022

Installing Linspire, Freespire, PC/OS and Kubuntu

 When it comes to Linux it is very different from a Windows or MacOS install.  Some users get confused about the install and sometimes some give up.  So we are going to walk through a fairly simple and straightforward install of our products.  Now these instructions apply to Linspire, Freespire and PC/OS as well as our mother distribution Kubuntu.

When you first boot your system you will be greeted by the "checking integrity" dialog and what this does is makes sure that the install media is good and that there are no errors or mistakes in the media itself

Next, you are greeted with a screen that asks you if you want to try the distribution in live mode, which runs the OS from the USB stick or install the OS.  Now, when you try the OS none of the work you do will be saved.  Live mode is good in case you have issues booting, or if you have an issue with your install afterwards such as you forgot your password and need an important document from the computer for work or whatever.  It also gives you a chance to make sure that your hardware works with the distribution.  Since we do include a lot more hardware drivers in Linspire, Freespire and PC/OS you will notice more hardware is supported then Kubuntu.

The next screen is your keyboard and language selection.  If you speak any other language than English, this is where you would choose it.  If your keyboard is anything other than the standard US layout, this is where you would choose it.

The next screen you will choose a normal install or a minimal install.  On a normal install you have all the features and applications that are listed in the release statement and on the product description page such as office suites, multimedia tools, games etc.  This of course takes up a lot more space than a minimal install which only includes the web browser as well as multimedia players.  The minimal install is adequate is you need to deploy a special type of desktop or if you are installing a "chrome OS" or web based desktop or if you are installing the system on a machine that may have limited resources and storage space.

Next, you choose how to format your drive for usage.  The most simple and straightforward path is to use the entire disk.  If you want to get into dual booting or partition your drive for whatever reason make sure you know what you are doing.  For a beginner, I would highly recommend to use the entire disk.

When you get done it will ask you if you are sure this is what you want to do.

On the next screen it allows you to choose your country as well as your timezone.

Next screen, you put in your credentials.  You put in your real name, username, password as well as the computer name.  Make sure your password is strong and complicated for system security.  You can also choose to automatically login but we do not recommend that option if multiple people will be using the same system.

After that is done, the install starts.

After the system is installed you can go ahead and restart the system.  Note:  With PC/OS you will see this error when the system starts to reboot:

This is safe to ignore and after a few moments you will be prompted to remove the install media.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

PC/OS Server 20.04.4 Released

Today, the PC/OpenSystems LLC Development team is pleased to release PC/OS Server 20.04.4, this is our server solution for small to medium sized businesses. This release replaces PC/Server 2018 R4 and includes many enhancements and security updates. This also brings the base to Canonicals 20.04 LTS from the 16.04 LTS base. As with our desktop distributions we have put the cloud front and center in this release and have broadened the roles for the server operating system. 

Some of the changes users will notice is that for virtualization we have dropped Oracle VirtualBox and went with KVM solutions instead. We have also improved support for Microsoft SQL Server for Linux. We have also improved ZFS support for OpenServer 12. So whether you are a new customers or one of our longtime customers PC/OS Server 20.04.4 is a worthy upgrade. 

PC/OS Server 20.04.4 with its new base enhances security and broadens hardware support. Falkon replaces Google Chrome. 

We have replaced GNOME with KDE, which is the gold standard of Linux desktop environments, and we still include DWM and first boot now brings you to DWM as the default desktop.  If you dont wish to use a desktop environment you can run Xandros OpenServer 12 command line only or headless. PC/OS Server 20.04.4 comes in a paid supported release as well as a no support release which is free to download and use. 

The Server includes : 
  • KDE 5.18.8 
  • DWM 
  • 5.13.0-35 Server kernel 
  • Muon Package Manager 
  • Falkon  
  • Cockpit 
  • Apache Web Server 
  • MongoDB 
  • LDAP Directory Services 
  • NFS, JFS, XFS, ZFS filesystem support 
  • Powershell 
  • Ansible Automation Services 
  • KVM Virtualization with GNOME Boxes GUI frontend 
  • OpenJDK 17, Build Essentials, Clang preinstalled
  • Visual Studio Code 
  • Samba for Windows networking 
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server for Linux 

All security and feature updates applied until March 18, 2022. 

For more information on PC/OS Server 20.04.4 you can go here 

For the no-support release you can download the ISO from here. 

To purchase PC/OS Server 20.04.4 you can contact or you can go to our webstore

PC/OS Desktop 20.04.4 Released

Today, the PC/OpenSystems LLC development team is pleased to announce the release of PC/OS Desktop 20.04.4, our newest incremental release for this desktop product line - a fully commercial supported release. With a great application lineup for the enterprise environment, PC/OS Desktop paired with PC/OS Server makes PC/OS a very compelling solution for your school or business. 

We have listened to our customers and have included the most requested contemporary services and applications, as well as a change to the KDE Plasma desktop environment. PC/OS Desktop 20.04.4 also includes tools and resources to help users switching from legacy distributions from other Linux providers. We have also included a new minimal install feature that allows users to install PC/OS with just the web browser and essential system services for specialized deployments. 

PC/OS Desktop support comes in 1/3/5 year support subscriptions, with incremental upgrade and ISO refreshes every 6 to 8 months and new releases every 12 to 16 months. For security, reliability and long term viability, PC/OS Desktop is an attractive and well-supported solution.

The distribution includes : 

KDE Plasma 5.18.8 - The fast and lean Linux desktop, fully functional and performance enhanced; peerless in terms of speed and user friendliness. 
Kernel 5.13.0 LTS - Long Term Support kernel designed to stand the test of time. 
Flatpak - Alternative package manager to SNAP, the current Ubuntu standard. 
Microsoft Edge 99 - Web browser from Microsoft engineered for privacy, web app integration and performance
Thunderbird - Mail client that you can use to sync your e-mail (IMAP or POP) calendars or Microsoft Exchange services
Kpat - Solitaire game 
Knights - Chess game 
OnlyOffice 7 - Office suite that can handle even the most complex documents and is compatible with Microsoft Office. 
DragonPlayer - Multimedia player 
Juk - Music Player 
PowerShell 7.2 - Alternative shell thats a free/open source project from Microsoft 
Balena Etcher - Utility for writing ISO’s to a USB stick 
Kbackup - Backup utility to save valuable and crucial data to a NAS, USB stick or other device
Timeshift - System rollback type functionality
Active Directory integration - Use active directory in your infrastructure? You can add PC/OS clients to them  

This release also contains many functionality / security updates to secure the system against outside intrusion. 

You can find more information about PC/OS Desktop and whats different and available in the free and subscriber release here

You can download the free self support release of PC/OS Desktop here

If you need commercial support you can purchase PC/OS Desktop from our webstore. When you purchase PC/OS Desktop you get physical media with your support subscription.  If you have special license requirement you can contact the sales team at

PC/OS Desktop vs Chrome OS Flex

Google announced Chrome OS Flex and that they were killing CloudReady in favor of Flex and many of our parallel customers have asked whats next for them?  Chrome OS Flex is designed by default to be limited.  Users of Chrome OS Flex will not get the Android subsystem nor will any PC's manufactured more than 2 years ago will not be able to run the Linux container.  Flex also removes the ability to access the shell ie command line.  So with that users will be limited to PWA's.  With CloudReady you had the ability to use the command line and to use basic command line utilities and Google is removing that from Flex which has some users scratching their heads.  What can they do?

Enter PC/OS Desktop...

PC/OS Desktop while traditionally used as a fat client solution; meaning you have desktop applications installed can also be installed and used only the web browser installed via the 'Minimal Install'  What this allows you to do is use PC/OS Desktop like you would a Chromebook or Chrome OS Flex.  PC/OS Desktop includes the Microsoft Edge browser so when you sync with Google all your PWA's, Bookmarks, Settings, Extensions will be automatically set up on your PC/OS Installation via sync.  You can even use the Google administration tools that you are accustomed to using to administer you PC/OS Desktop installations

PC/OS Desktop also gives you shell and command line access so many of those utilities that sysadmins and developers are accustomed to are present and ready to use without the use of container technology.  Google in order to use Linux (Crostini) on Flex or Chromebooks limits Crostini technology on older systems.  With PC/OS Desktop you have no such limitations.  Its full Linux and through the DISCOVER Software store you have full access to the totality of Linux based software.  There are no special "projects" to make sure that basic functionality works on PC/OS Desktop.  With Chrome OS and Flex you are limited in what your system can do under Linux.

If you are a CloudReady customer we strongly suggest you take a look at PC/OS Desktop.  If you need a full desktop environment with a localized Office Suite, e-mail client and more you will find that the full installation suits your need.  If you work in the Google ecosystem, Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and meet we highly recommend you install PC/OS Desktop with only the minimal install for uninterrupted user.

If you are a CloudReady home user or individual user we recommend PC/OS Desktop which is free to download and use and has the same capabilities.

You can get more information here:

You can download it here

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