Monday, October 14, 2019

Linspire CE 8.5.1 Educational Special release

Today the PC/OpenSystems development team is pleased to announce the release of Linspire CE 8.5.1 ESR (Education Special Release) to our educational customers. This release contains many bug fixes and feature enhancements from our previous ESR.

Linspire CE educational Release is currently used by over 200 school systems around the United States and internationally.  Linspire CE ESR is a strong commitment to educational computing and is the number 2 Linux distribution used by schools and academic facilities.

One of our main goals with the distribution was security. One of the things that we have heard from customers in this arena were several security concerns. An example of this was being able to go into the Synaptic Package Manager and uninstall or cripple core OS functions. So Synaptic has been removed and we gave control of application installation to the Software Center. We also updated Time Keeper so any systems left on premises you can set usage times so students and faculty can only use the system during scheduled times. We also have heard from users that the Thunderbird e-mail app was no longer necessary since most e-mail work is executed using Gmail or Outlook Web interfaces so we did include the Gmail web app for users (Linspire CE Office 365 customers will receive their update later this week) We have now included the latest release of WebMin for remote access and system maintenance in the core OS.

 Some of the features we have included specific to this release are:

 Better XBox One controller support
Preliminary Nintendo Switch support for use with Presentations
Google Classroom web app now installed by default
Google Docs and Google Keep web apps installed by default
Improved Google Admin support
Improved Chromebook support for installation on EOL (End of Life) EOS (End Of Service) Chromebook models so that you can maximize your hardware investment

Core OS  Features that we have updated are:

Kernel 5.0.0-31 KDE 5.12.9
Ice 6.0.4
Google Chrome 77
VLC media player
Boot Repair
Firewall configuration
Discover Software Center

 Current customers will have this release delivered to them.  New customers can purchase a facility license or individual licenses here

Linspire CE ESR (Education Special Release)
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Linspire 8.0 Maintenance Release 1 RELEASED

Today our development team is pleased to announce the release of Linspire 8.0 Maintenance Release 1. MR1 is part of our bi-annual strategy to make sure Linspire is kept as secure as possible for our customers and users. Proving once again, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Linspire is the best commercially supported Linux-based operating system on the market today. With all of the features modern PC users expect from their computing experience, Linspire continues to rise above and shine over all other commercial Linux desktop solutions.

This release also features improvements to Linspire CE and Linspire CE Office 365. Linspire 8.0 MR1 integrates the following upgrades / improvements :

Linux Kernel 4.18.0-18
KDE Plasma 5.12.7
Plays On Linux 4.3.4
Wine 4.0 Stable
LibreOffice 6.4.2
Google Chrome 75
Thunderbird 60.7
VLC Media Player
Amarok Full multimedia codecs

Many more performance and security enhancements under-the-hood will improve your experience, making it smoother and typically hassle-free. You can purchase Linspire 8.0 MR1 below; purchasing Linspire 8.0 MR1 entitles you to free upgrades for the lifetime of the release and 12 months of e-mail support / 6 months of phone support or you can purchase the self-support release and download it from the digital locker today.

Linspire Support License
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Linspire Download Edition

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Linspire Enterprise Server 2019 Released

Today the PC / Opensystems development team is pleased to announce the release of Linspire Enterprise server, our high-performance solution to SMB customers who need constant uptime coupled with reliability, scalability, and flexibility. LES 2019 is well suited to web, application, file and print services; it can just as easily be deployed as a thin client server or virtual machine host. The LTS server kernel 4.18 will offer rock-solid for any workload you throw at LES 2019. Linspire Enterprise Server is part of our Linspire Enterprise Services offering which includes Linspire Embedded Desktop and Linspire Community Server.

Features :

Full GUI System – XFCE + DWN Tiling Window Manager
LTS Server Kernel 4.18
Oracle Java 11 Pre-installed
OpenSSH Server and Client
Chrome web application framework
NFS / XFS / JFS / BTRFS / ZFS - exFAT support
 Remote Administration capability
Biometric Services
MongoDB Preinstalled
LDAP Directory services
Microsoft Powershell - Only Enterprise Linux solution to ship PowerShell
Microsoft SQL integration

Certified/tested hardware :

HPE Proliant DL360 / DL380 / DL385 G10
HPE Microserver G10
HPE SGI 8600
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR590 / SR670 / ST550
Lenovo ThinkServer RS160 / TS150
Dell PowerEdge Rack / Tower Servers

For more information about Linspire Enterprise Server please visit the dedicated page and view the datasheet

Linspire Enterprise Server Page

Linspire Enterprise Server Data Sheet (PDF)

 24 months Phone, e-mail, and remote support; on-site repair and deployment services available at additional cost. Contact for details.

Mobile System support is very limited; Linspire Enterprise Server was not designed with laptops, notebooks or tablets in mind - your mileage may vary; features such as Bluetooth, wireless and suspend / resume are unsupported.

PC/OpenSystems also offers Linspire Community Server as a free download with a self-support option. Users who wish to upgrade from Linspire Community Server to Linspire Enterprise Server can do so very easily with minimal interference to their workflow

Pricing : $199.99 USD - single license / $2999.99 USD unlimited site licensing

Linspire HPC Support License
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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Linspire Enterprise Services Tech Sheets

Today we are publishing the tech sheets for the Linspire Enterprise Services.  These products include Linspire Enterprise Server 2019 and Linspire Embedded 2019.  You can download those tech sheets here:

Linspire Enterprise Server 2019

Linspire Embedded 2019

For community outreach and participation, we are also releasing Linspire Community Server 2019 which is free to download and use and that along with Enterprise Server and Embedded will be released in April 2019.  As time gets closer we will release a package list along with the community download edition.

For Linspire Embedded and Linspire Enterprise Server, there will NOT be a download edition.  If you want to test for compatibility with your hardware Linspire Community Server will be your first stepping stone.

Both Linspire Embedded and Linspire Enterprise Server can be modified for users and we will have a custom generation option for both.

If you have any questions please contact us at or

Thanks Everyone

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