When you subscribe to support services there are several questions, speed of service, knowledge and the comparisons by other popular Linux service providers.

How do we stack up against Red Hat, SuSE and Oracle when it comes to support subscriptions and services.

Speed of Service

We offer same day service for customers. Out of state customers we offer a 24 hour service time for customers in the state of North Carolina we offer up to a 4 hour service time.


While Red Hat, SUSE and Oracle may service their respective operating system environments, PC/OpenSystems LLC supports a vast multitude of other systems including, multiple Linux distributions, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Linux and SUSE Linux included.  We also support ChromeOS, ChromeOS Flex, macOS and Windows (7/8/10/11)

Price Comparison

Here is a copy of Red Hats price list as you can see the difference between Red Hat and PC/OpenSystems LLC. is that they charge a per socket fee, we charge per system.  Our rates are about 60% less a year than what Red Hat charges.

Another advantage of PC/OpenSystems LLC. vs Red Hat, Oracle or SUSE is that we also service home and small/startup business customers and they do not. Application licensing, implementing a complex unified communications or virtualization solution, or bulk up your data storage and protection, we can help you do it efficiently and cost-effectively. We can even set up a custom online e-procurement catalog to manage your relationships with equipment vendors, and streamline the purchasing process for the items you need the most.

Our array of strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors ensures our ability to deliver the pieces you need to solve your IT puzzles, while our ability to procure products from a number of strategic sources helps us ensure you receive the best pricing and delivery options. Our mission is to help you create an infrastructure that delivers everything you need, without burdening you with the stuff you don’t. Contact us today to learn more about IT solutions that fit your organization 

Welcome to PC/OpenSystems LLC

PC/OpenSystems LLC. is dedicated to providing top customer service including integration, providing Linux compatible hardware and enterprise desktop software solutions. We provide solutions tailored to your needs whether its building systems to suit your needs. Whether its a custom database solution, providing Linux powered PC and Server Solutions. Whatever you need you can rest assured that PC/OpenSystems LLC. will deliver a high performance and stable product

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About PC/OpenSystems LLC.

PC/OpenSystems LLC. is a small consulting firm and the only Linux retailer in NC for Linux PC's and custom systems located in Franklinton North Carolina. We specialize in hardware repair and we resell custom Linux based computers, software maintenance as well as custom application development.