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Why PC/OpenSystems LLC (?) 

 Some existing and prospective customers have asked some great questions about PC/OpenSystems LLC and our product offerings; we have decided to answer many of those questions today. Here to answer : Roberto J. Dohnert, lead developer and system designer.

A question we get asked frequently is , Why PC/OpenSystems LLC? Why not Red Hat, Oracle or SUSE? 

The answer is very simple : PC/OpenSystems LLC is a one-stop-shop; the other companies listed offer piecemeal solutions. Dealing with us, you get the OS, hardware and software all in one place. Many enterprises want a single point of contact for support, without having to contact separate vendors for hardware and software issues. A comment we encounter frequently is initial cost for hardware. Customers say to us, “Why should I purchase one of your systems when I can go to Wal‐Mart, buy a $300.00 dollar machine and install Linux." We reply : “Our hardware is tested specifically to run the OS installed on it, Xandros Enterprise Linux. We use the hardware and software we sell ourselves for testing purposes.”

What benefit does the customer derive from buying hardware from PC/OpenSystems LLC? 

Buying from us gets you certified hardware solutions : as I just said, everything is tested and retested. Linux drivers are written to support the hardware, due to our close relationships with the vendors who supply the hardware. We strongly focus on longevity. Yes, you can go to Best Buy, Walmart, Sears etc. and buy hardware, systems tested and certified for Microsoft Windows. Then take that system home and find out that not all of the integrated hardware or some peripheral connected is supported by Linux, or only partially supported. This leads to system instability and erratic behavior. Ship that system back to the vendor, nine-times-out-of-ten, they'll say that your warranty is null and void due to an unsupported OS being installed on their hardware. send it back and tell you you are out of luck. With PC/OpenSystems LLC all hardware is thoroughly tested to support by Enterprise Linux. Even if you decide to install Windows, FreeBSD or another flavor of Linux we will continue to support the product we sell, track down your point of failure and fix it : we don't cry foul. Systems bought from a big-box store are built for consumer use and last about 2 to 3 years.; PC/OpenSystems LLC strives to make our systems last at least 10 years. Pro systems now come with a 3 year warranty at time of purchase; consumer systems come with a 1 year warranty - extended warranties available.

In the world now privacy is a major concern : records are made public and sensitive data leaked. How does PC/OpenSystems LLC protect customer data? 

This data is kept on an unreachable server. Unreachable how? It's not hooked up to the internet or any network whatsoever, its hard drive is encrypted and it is kept locked and chained to a rack. All removable drives and external drives are kept in a fireproof safe. All possible measures are taken to secure customer data and can only be accessed in person. In any case of legally tested and court ordered subpoena by law enforcement officials, a chain of custody form is filled out and we pick it up from the appropriate agency. Look for us on Thumbtack.com In terms of experience.

How many people do we have working at PC/OpenSystems LLC? 

PC/OpenSystems LLC employs a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. 7 people work with us, 3 full time and the rest part time contractors. Years of experience range from 10 (the least) to 40 (the most). Many of these guys and gals were around at the beginning of the computer industry in the 1970's. We have former Apple, NeXT, Be, Amiga and Irix developers that work on the team. PC/OpenSystems LLC also has college students, current IT workers and hobbyists on its team. Weekly conference calls get lively; we hear stories of past and present while building for the future. Rapport among the development team is fantastic and we have a lot of fun. We also work with our community. The Xandros and Linspire communities are very lively - we accept software submissions and code fixes as well as feedback. PC/OpenSystems LLC files about 100 (more or less) bug reports a week and we get LOTs of code submissions.

Red Hat, SUSE and Oracle make tons of submissions to the Linux kernel team. What is PC/OpenSystems LLC's role? Do you guys also make a lot of submissions to the kernel team? 

We do a fair amount. The Linux kernel team has thousands of contributors and millions of lines of code that is submitted and reviewed. Do we contribute as much as we should? I think so. We submit the code; if it's used great, if not that's OK too. Better luck next time.

Why should customers choose your Enterprise Linux solutions vs Red Hat, Oracle, SUSE or even vanilla Ubuntu? 

We strive to make Xandros Enterprise Linux a Desktop Linux solution for novice and advanced users. The easiest interface to use and navigate - user-friendly enough for your grandmother to use to check her email. The best range and selection of preinstalled applications Xandros is built for novices to use and power-users to tweak. Xandros Enterprise Server is a great product and there are no capabilities that Red Hat or any of the others offer that we don't. But, we offer it in such an intuitive package that you can start from bare metal to having a working server in less than half-an-hour. Same holds true for consumer and business desktops - bare metal to productivity in 15 minutes with Xandros Enterprise Linux.

How do we compare to our competitors?  Take a look at our page on comparisons to see how we stand up to some of the larger companies.


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PC/OpenSystems LLC. is dedicated to providing top customer service including integration, providing Linux compatible hardware and enterprise desktop software solutions. We provide solutions tailored to your needs whether its building systems to suit your needs. Whether its a custom database solution, providing Linux powered PC and Server Solutions. Whatever you need you can rest assured that PC/OpenSystems LLC. will deliver a high performance and stable product

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PC/OpenSystems LLC. is a small consulting firm and the only Linux retailer in NC for Linux PC's and custom systems located in Franklinton North Carolina. We specialize in hardware repair and we resell custom Linux based computers, software maintenance as well as custom application development.