Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Black Lab 8 "Onyx" Alpha 2 is released!

Today, PC / Opensystems LLC is pleased to announce the second alpha release in the upcoming Black Lab 8 "Onyx" series. The team continues to focus on the desktop experience, bringing the same high-performance and rock-solid stability that its users have come to expect from Black Lab Linux.

So what's new with Black Lab Linux 8 “Onyx” Alpha 1? Here are some highlights:

Linux kernel
LibreOffice 5.1
Docker integration
gpg 2.0.22
Xfdashboard (GNOME-shell-style interface for the Xfce desktop) included.
Full support for the Xbox One and Xbox One Kinect controllers.
OpenJRE 8.
USB-C is now supported
Improved Windows Phone, Android based phone and iPhone 6/6S integration.

These are some Issues that have been fixed by the development team :

Macbook hibernation issue - some of our users reported that the laptop required a reboot to wake up from sleep
Screen fragmentation with the Intel HD driver resolved.
Surface Pro 3 touchscreen responsiveness improved.

New supported hardware to run your favorite distro on :

Mac Pro 2015.
Pixel C.

Some things change, the rest stays the same : Onyx Alpha 2 includes the same great application mix that its users depend on :

Download Onyx here!

If you would like to contribute documentation, artwork or code please contact PC / OS at support_at_pc-opensystems_dot_com and we will let you know what areas require contributors;if you prefer to contribute funds to sustain your favorite distro, donate through our homepage

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

From a contributor (not the developer) - Black Lab GNOME running the Budgie Desktop!

The Budgie Desktop is developed by Ikey Doherty for Evolve OS - what makes it interesting and unique is that it doesn't fork GNOME, instead utilizing the underlying applications and libraries seamlessly. Here's a first look;check it out!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Black Lab Enterprise Linux Developer Preview 4 is available for download

Today PC / Opensystems LLC is pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 DP4 (Developer Preview 4). Designed for developers and companies who use Black Lab Enterprise Linux in their organization to port applications, test and prepare Linux desktop and server deployments. Our latest release features the XFCE desktop with GNOME, KDE and LXDE available as alternative desktop environments in the repositories.

DP4 includes these changes :

Linux Kernel
LibreOffice 5.1
Chromium 48.0
Thunderbird Suite 38.6
VirtualBox 5
PostgreSQL integrated
Docker integration (coming in final release)
Encrypted folders (coming in final release)

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8 Developer Preview 5 will be feature complete. Download Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 DP4 from Ibiblio :

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Black Lab Linux GNOME edition, released to the masses!

Today PC / Opensystems is pleased to release its newest spin : Black Lab GNOME 7.0.3. Recenntly, GNOME has been the most requested desktop by our customers and users;ever responsive, we are releasing it to the masses. For the foreseeable future Black Lab's GNOME and the XFCE versions will be released simultaneously – KDE and MATE editions are being discontinued.

This GNOME layout is configured the same way as it was previously, and the users of our XFCE release will see this same configuration in versions 7.5 and 8.0.

Changes included :

LibreOffice 5.1
GNOME 3.10 (GNOME 3.19 will be released with Black Lab GNOME 8.0)
Firefox 44.0.2
Thunderbird Suite 38.5.1
Webmin 1.780
Linux kernel 3.19 (Upgradeable to Linux kernel 4.4 via the kernel update pack)

You can download Black Lab GNOME 7.0.3 from Ibiblio and

You can also purchase a boxed set from our webstore.

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