Friday, August 21, 2015

kernel 4.1.6 Update Kit released

Today we are pleased to release the new kernel update kit for Black Lab Linux.  This will update your system with the Linux kernel 4.1.6.  some of the changes to Linux kernel 4.1.6 include:

  • EXT4 gains file-system level encryption (thanks to Google)
  • Logitech lg4ff driver improves ‘force feedback’ for gaming wheels
  • Toshiba laptop driver gains USB sleep charging and backlight improvements
  • Rumble support for Xbox One controller
  • Better battery reporting in Wacom tablet driver
  • Various misc. power improvements for both ARM and x86 devices
  • Samsung Exynos 3250 power management improvements
  • Support for the Bamboo Pad
  • Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock gains USB support
  • Support for Realtek 8723A, 8723B, 8761A, 8821 Wi-Fi cards
You can download the kernel updater from Sourceforge and includes 32 bit and 64 bit support.

kernel 4.1.6 Enablement Kit

System Requirements

Black Lab Linux 4.x/5.x/6.x/2015.x
Ubuntu 12.x/14.x
Linux Mint 17.x

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to School Sales

Its that time of year.  School is heading back to session and Black Lab Software and PC/OpenSystems has the systems and software for you to make the grade.  Technology is very important when it comes to education.  Whether you need the internet to research projects, a good word processor to write magnificent term papers, or just keeping up with your teachers and friends.  Black Lab Software has everything you need.

Black Lab Linux

Black Lab Linux is a Linux distribution that focuses on ease of use and security.  Unlike Windows systems its very hard  to get a virus or malware on Linux.  Linux also has all the software you have come to know and love.  For kids going to college Black Lab Linux also includes Skype.  with Skype you can keep in touch with your child.  You can help them, support them or just be there for them.  with all the latest graphics technology and drivers you have quality and support for the latest web camera's and vivid picture so you can look in your child's eyes and really tell how they are doing.  With this same graphics technologies and with the latest in web technologies your kids can take advantage of these to take the 3D web based tours and its almost like being there from the comfort of your own home.  Black Lab Linux also contains the LibreOffice 5 office suite, Scribus Publishing application, full featured groupware suite and e-mail and a revolutionary emulation layer called WINE so you can run certain Microsoft Windows applications.

You can order Black Lab Linux for $25.99 for one copy to run on your current system either completely ditching Windows or you can set up a dual boot system and keep Windows.

Black Lab Hardware

With a quality operating system and software you have to have quality hardware.  We are currently offering two models.

Black Lab BriQ and the Dell 15.6" Inspiron 15

These systems are FULLY certified to run Black Lab Linux.  Below are some system statistics:

Black Lab BriQ

  • Black Lab Linux
  • Intel Celeron 1007U Dual-Core CPU
  • 500 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
  • 4GB DDR3-1600 (up-gradable to 16GB)
  • Integrated Wireless AC, Bluetooth 4.0

Cost: $250.00 USD   $350.00 USD with 3 year Warranty

Dell Inspiron 15 3000

  • Black Lab Linux
  • Intel Core i3-4030U processor 1.70GHz, 3MB Cache
  • 4 GB DDR3
  • 1000 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • 15-Inch Screen

Cost: $400.00 USD  $475.00 USD with 3 year warranty

You can start ordering today.  This sale runs until Sept 30, 2015

Black Lab Back To School Sale
Order Notes:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.6 Released

Today we have released Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.6.  Black Lab enterprise Linux 6.6 is a bug fix and application update for the Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.x line.  With this release we added full Docker integration and it also includes the Black Lab SDK 2.0.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.6 being based on LTS Technologies will continue to get security updates until 2021.  All current licensees will be able to update through the updater or you can request the ISO file.

With this release the following packages have been updated:

XFCE 4.12
GNOME 3.10
VirtualBox 5.0
Webmin 1.760
Firefox 39
Thunderbird Groupware Suite 31.8
LibreOffice 4.4
GCC 4.9
Kernel 3.16.0-43
kernel 4.1.4 Installable
Docker 1.7

All security updates until August 1, 2015.

You can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Desktop through resellers or you can purchase directly from us

Black Lab Professional Desktop Subscriptions
Order Notes:
When you purchase Black Lab Enterprise Desktop you also get a choice of a Black Lab T-shirt or Black Lab coffee mug.

As of today all systems can be purchased with Black Lab Enterprise Desktop 6.6

Business Desktops

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Clearing up some rumors

Ok so there are a few rumors going on that I wish to address before they get to out of control and the press picks up on it and it becomes god speak.

1. We are not abandoning Black Lab Linux.

 There have been rumors floating that we are going to adopt Fedora or Ubuntu. We already have spins of both, we have a Fedora based spin, Yellow Lab for a few select customers and Black Lab which is Ubuntu based and Silver Lab which is BSD based, once again for select customers. users have asked us to release the Fedora based spin which we will do in 2016. But we are not abandoning the Ubuntu base, our relationship with Canonical teams are strong.

2. You guys are abandoning GNOME.

No we are not. The reason we have reemphasized our XFCE based desktop is because we want to port Black Lab over to the Rasp Pi and some ARM based set-top boxes. GNOME is not a good solution for this. We tried. Out of 75 builds for the Raspberry Pi using GNOME they all failed miserably due to RAM. XFCE takes less RAM and is much better suited for old 32 bit systems and IoT devices.

3. You guys ship Windows and Ubuntu on your hardware.

 Yes, we do on a customer by customer basis. Although we do ship Black Lab as the default, we have been known to ship upon customer request a dual boot system. Black Lab Software is a business, and like all other businesses we offer our customers choice. If a customer comes to me and says "I want Windows" Im not going to refuse a sale because I disagree with the customers choice. I inform them of the immense benefit of Linux. Black Lab is by far the most popular, we have three Windows customers and most of the time those customers get a mix of Black Lab and Windows, our RHEL and Ubuntu customers are a small faction and I have one Bodhi Linux customer. But unless a customer requests something else, they get Black Lab Linux by default and Black Lab Linux is extremely popular and continues to be on our hardware.

Thanks guys

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