Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0 Released

Today we are pleased to release the next revision of the Black Lab Professional Desktop series.  Black Lab Professional Desktop 6 offers the stability and redundancy of the current LTS technologies, with the tools and functionality that enterprise desktop users would expect.   With this release we bring many new features that bridge the Linux desktop environment with your existing desktop environments.  We also include utilities for deploying web applications and current web technologies.

Here is a list of some of the great features you will find in Black Lab Professional Desktop.

1.  GNOME 3.10
2.  Firefox 32
3.  Modified Fogger web app utility with full Java and HTML5 support
4.  Thunderbird with full GOOGLE Apps for Business support
5.  Maps
6. LibreOffice
7.  GLOM Desktop Database system
8.  PostgreSQL 9.3
9. Calibre Ebook suite
10. Refrencer Document indexing system
11. Dropbox
12. Scribus
13. GNU Cash
14. Inkscape
15. Blender
16.  Full Oracle 12c support
17.  WinUSB Creator, allows you to create bootable Windows install USB keys with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Threshold support.
18.  Active Directory utility.
19.  Skype, installable from /opt/Black Lab Extras/

We are offering a download of Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0 for evaluation purposes.  You can install it and run it and add apps and other utilities to it.  It doesn't include utilities like PBIS Active Directory, WinUSB, Oracle desktop support and it only includes Forum support.  For e-mail, remote and phone support you have to purchase a license from Black Lab Software Inc.

You can download the Black Lab Professional Desktop 6 ISO from Sourceforge for x86_64 bit systems only.

Black Lab Professional Desktop 6 x86_64

You can purchase a license from here

Black Lab Professional Desktops Subscriptions

Or you can order Black Lab Professional Desktop 6 on any of our desktop or workstations that we sell.

Black Lab Software Professional desktop systems 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Black Lab Ice Desktop and Ice Desktop Pro v2 Released

Today we are pleased to release the refresh of two of our most requested workstations. The Ice Desktop which is our consumer based system and the Ice Desktop Pro which is our professional version of these workstations. 


The Black Lab Ice Desktop is a mini form factor PC that is good for the home or office.  With lots of RAM and hard drive space this system is perfect for gaming, listening to music and watching High Definition videos.

AMD Athlon 5150 Quad Core 1.60GHZ
RAM 4 GB expandable to 32 gb
DVD SuperMulti
USB 8-in-1 card reader
Gigabit Ethernet
Integrated Wifi
AMD Radeon HD 8400 Video Card
UEFI and Secureboot Capable

Price: $570.00 USD
Price with 3 year Warranty: $650.00 USD

With a form factor and feature set that could dub this machine the worlds first desktop Supercomputer.  The Black Lab Ice Pro has just the right amount of power to complete any task from writing invoices to doing scientific analysis to working with huge datasets the Black Lab Ice Pro is the most expandable and versatile for businesses.  Now your business can have the same power and performance that many high end labs, studios and government agencies use.  With its unique space saving design and small form factor you get a ton of bang for the buck.  With the quality of the most advanced Enterprise Linux desktop distribution and a great price you cant beat this system

AMD Six-Core FX-6300 3.50GHz
16GB Memory,
DVDRW+Blu-Ray Combo
1GB AMD Radeon HD 7770
Built in Ethernet
Wireless Adapter
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
UEFI and Secureboot Capable

Price  $1,299.99 USD
Price with 3 year Warranty $1,369.99 USD

These systems come with industry standard AMD/ATI video cards as well as a keyboard and mouse and at the most affordable price in this market.

Both systems come standard with Black Lab Linux 6.0 and are available with warranty.  They are also capable of running Windows 8.1 as well as Ubuntu as supported options.  Order yours today from our ordering pages:

Home/Office Systems

Commercial Systems

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom now certified with Black Lab Linux for Education

Today we are pleased to announce we have tested and certified Black Lab Linux for Education with Google Apps for Education.  Googles solutions have been tested with the three  browsers, Firefox, Google Chrome and Chromium.  With this testing we have certified the following solutions:

Google Voice
Google Talk
Google Hangouts
Google Calendar
Google Apps
Google Classroom

These solutions work out of box with the following distribution releases of Black Lab Linux:

Black Lab Linux 5.x and the upcoming Black Lab Linux 6.x
Black Lab Linux for Education 5.x and Black Lab Linux for Education 6.x
Black Lab Professional Desktop 5.x and the upcoming Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.x

With Google Apps for Education and Black Lab Linux for Education customers can be rest assured that we make the grade.

We sat down with Roberto J. Dohnert of the Black Lab Linux software team and asked a few questions.

Q) What does this mean for Black Lab Linux for Education and school systems that use Black Lab Linux?

A)  We have established Black Lab Linux as the best of breed in the three markets of desktop Linux computing; consumer, business and education.  We are fully committed to the Education market as that is one area where Linux has not seen much adoption but that adoption is growing thanks to our efforts and other efforts by other companies and courageous school districts.  What it means is that customers are not stuck with Google proprietary platforms like ChromeOS and Android and that they have the benefit of an open desktop system where they can utilize much more function than they can with ChromeOS or Android.

Q) Will we support Google Apps for Educations and Classroom through support contracts or is that something we rely on Google for?

A) Both actually, for users who subscribe to our support services and custom builds.  We will help users set up their accounts if need be and build in the links into their distribution.  Of course if there is a problem with Google's cloud services thats something Google will have to handle.

Q) Google has been touting of late the convenience of Google Chromebooks and one of those conveniences is that one sign in access to their services.  How do we compliment that ourselves?
A) Well, the Google Chromebook is a great device.  With Black Lab Linux we have built in support for Google Apps for Education and users have the same access with Black Lab Linux as they do with the Chromebook.  With Google Chrome and Firefox built in, all users have to do is login with their credentials and all their apps, documents and files are available immediately and they have the convenience of their favorite offline applications being available as well with Black Lab Linux for Education.  Another added benefit is the fact that with the Thunderbird Suite ,available only from Black Lab Linux, we have built in support for Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education.

Q) Why did we test with Firefox?

A) We tested with Firefox because with version 35 of Google Chrome, Google does not support Java on Linux or Mac OS X anymore.  There are a lot of districts that still use older model web apps that utilize the Java platform.  Since we build in both browsers (Chrome and Firefox) with Education we wanted to make sure that users can utilize Google's services on their favorite browser despite what it may be.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6 Preview now available

We have released the Preview of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.  The release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6 signals our 8 years of operation in the enterprise and education sectors.  There were three things that we focused on with this release.

A) Compatibility.  We have worked to be as compatible with other Linux distributions as well as Microsoft Windows.
B) Security.  Security and data security is paramount.  We have built in DoD specification wipe, stronger folder and file encryption as well as setting system access times.
C) Management.  We have built in utilities to help users manage VM's, to help them manage Windows systems and to ease the management of their Black Lab Enterprise Linux environments

With this release we have made some major improvements to the Black Lab Enterprise stack.

1.  GNOME 3, Our default desktop is now a customized GNOME 3.  We bring to Black Lab Enterprise the most popular and some would say defacto standard of enterprise Linux distributions.
2.  Based on the Ubuntu 14.04 system.  Using Ubuntu 14.04 we bring alot of things aside from a newer kernel.  We ensure compatibility with the #1 Linux distribution in the world this includes application support and OpenStack support.
3.  LibreOffice 4
4.  Evolution 3.10.4
5.  Firefox 31
6.  PostgreSQL 9.3
7.  OpenLDAP
8. Samba
9.  GLOM Database Creator
10.  PowerBroker Identity Services Open 8
11. Remmina and Vinagre for RDP and Remote Support
12.  VNC support
13.  GUFW
14.  Terminal Services Support
15.  VMWare Manager, allows you to manage VMWare Virtual Machines from Black Lab Linux.
16.  Timekeeper - System Access utility

Among many more applications and kernel enhancements.

If you are currently a user of Black Lab Enterprise Linux, drop us an e-mail and we will send you a copy of the preview to test against.


This Preview is not intended for production use.  We offer no warranty either expressed or implied for data loss or corruption.

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