Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PC/OpenSystems LLC Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

Today Nov 25 through Tuesday December 1, 2015 we are announcing our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

First, boxed copies of Black Lab Linux are on sale from $25.99 to $19.99 for self support and $75.99 for boxed copies with 12 months of phone and e-mail support.  So grab your copy of the most advanced Linux based operating system on the planet today.

Black Lab Linux Install media
Install Media
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Second, Black Lab Linux t-shirts are on sale for $45.00 USD + Shipping.

Black Lab Linux T-Shirt
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Third, and finally.  Our sale would not be complete without hardware.  This year we are hosting a sale of two brands of mobile systems.  The HP Stream with Black Lab Linux 7 preinstalled.  These are the ultimate in user entertainment devices.  You have an ultra powerful Intel celeron dual core processor, with an amazing looking 11.6 inch screen with the Intel HD Graphics card at 1366x768 resolution so all your photo's, videos and games come in with fluid colors and amazing speed.  You also get a 32gb eMMC drive as well as 2 gb of RAM to make this your digital entertainment hub.

These come in two models.  One is Blue, the other is violet purple.  Both cost the same, $250.00 USD making this laptop the cheapest mobile system we have EVER offered.

HP Stream Powered by Black Lab Linux
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Black Lab BriQ v5 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our new class of hardware : the Black Lab BriQ version 5.

The 5th incarnation of the Black Lab BriQ offers unique features and enhancements which disinguish it from its predecessors. First, VGA has been reintroduced on ALL models; HDMI is still included. The BriQ is totally air‐cooled which reduces power usage – energy savings are over 64% with the SSD drive option and 38% with a traditional laptop SATA hard drive. Space savings accompany power savings : the new BriQ is over 20% slimmer than version 4. It is also Black Lab's Green offering : the entire chassis is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum and the motherboards are 98% carcinogen free, making the BriQ, the most environmental friendly system on the planet.

 Black Lab Software is offering the BriQ in different configurations; specifications and pricing are listed below.

Black Lab BriQ:

4gb of RAM 64gb SSD drive, Intel i3 Processor 1.7 ghz $515.00 USD 
4gb of RAM 500gb Hard Drive Intel i3 Processor 1.7 ghz $450.00 USD

 Purchasing a BriQ gets you the same specs as Apple's equally configured Mac Mini at a savings of over $300.00.

 Some customers have asked. What about Pro? For Pro users we offer a system that's substantially faster than the consumer version and available in multiple configurations.

Black Lab BriQ Pro:

8gb of RAM 256gb SSD, Intel i5 Processor. $775.00 USD 
16gb of RAM 1TB HD, Intel i5 Processor. $995.00 USD

All Pro models of the Black Lab BriQ Pro comes with a 3 year extended warranty.

You can order the BriQ below or you can order it from our webstore

Black Lab BriQ
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Or if you want to order the Black Lab BriQ pro in its unique cluster configuration you can order from our Commercial Hardware Page or you can order Below:

Black Lab BriQ Pro
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Sale Stage One

Today we are announcing the first stage of our holiday sale.  We are selling accessories which will become a normal offering from us in the new year.

Today we are placing Black Lab Linux 7 on sale.

When you order our keyboard and mouse sets from us you get a copy of Black Lab Linux 7 with your order.  These keyboards are in direct theming with Black Lab Linux as they do not contain a Windows key, they utilize the paw key which is a key that has our application menu key on the super key.  You can order these keyboards and mice wired or wireless, black or white.

The wired set is $50.00 USD + Shipping and Handling
The wireless set is $65.00 USD + Shipping and Handling

Black Lab Linux 7 is available as a live install via USB Flash Drive, MiniSD Card, or MicroSD card, LiveDVD and you can order below.

Black Lab Linux 7 with keyboard and mouse set
Black Lab Linux 7 x86_64 Install Media
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Black Lab Server 7 Released

With the end of summer comes some exciting new features for Black Lab Server 7.  Its a huge release.  So lets go over some of these changes and features for you.

1.  We finally leave behind the 3.0 kernel series and we are up to kernel 3.19 which has some unique features and additional hardware drivers.

2.  Black Lab Server 7.0 was built for the cloud for you guys to deploy cloud services like OwnCloud, OpenStack, and hosting web applications through terminal services.  We are also the ONLY Debian/Ubuntu derivative that is certified through Canonical to run JuJu on both x86_64 and POWER8

3.  Black Lab Server 7 is a virtual machine platform.  Not only do we support legacy 16 bit and 32 bit applications we also support Windows 7/8/10 FreeBSD, Solaris, eComStation, as well as Xinous OpenServer X Virtual Machines through Virtualbox.  We also virtualize mainframe OS's through Hercules.  If you are going to emulate Mainframe operating systems you have to get the OS through your Mainframe software provider and upon our testing of z/OS we dont recommend any less than 32 gb of RAM.  You can use 16 gb but we found the sweet spot to be 32 gb.

4.  LAMP Stack - It comes with the full LAMP stack as well as support for Tomcat application server and JBoss.  Black Lab Server 7 is also the only Debian derivative to be certified for Oracle Database Products, Oracle Hyperion, IBM WebSphere, Apple WebObjects and Red Hat JBoss Application Server.

5.  Security.  We have made this the most secure server OS on the market today.  You can disable or enable USB and other data ports through the OS.  No more super glue is needed for your USB ports. USB sticks and other removable media needs to have an admin password to mount.  All user directories are encrypted by default.

6.  Data security - We realize data security is important to our customers.  we have instituted the Watchdog subsystem.  Watchdog is a proprietary subsystem developed by us and it requires two admin level users to transfer data from the server to any removable drive.  Any file that resides on that server.  There is no way to bypass that feature or to turn it off by a normal user.

Black Lab Server 7 is certified on a few systems by the vendor.

HP Proliant G5 through G8
ThinkServer TS140 Tower Server
Lenovo System x3250 M5
Lenovo System x3550 M5
Lenovo System x3850 X6
Lenovo System x3950 X6

Black Lab Server 7 can run on a wide variety of server and re-purposed desktop systems

Starting price for the software based release of Black Lab Server 7 is $995.99 USD Corporate and $550.00 USD for education for a two year service contract.  This is a per server price with unlimited client licenses.

We also have our own server hardware that comes preinstalled with Black Lab Server 7

Black Lab Appliance Server - 2U Rackserver 6 Core Xeon Processor with up to 25TB of storage space and with RAM from 16GB to 192GB with a starting price of $2,100.99 USD Contact for pricing and availability

Black Lab MiniSERV - Desktop Core i3 processor 1TB hard drive, 16gb of RAM expandable to 32 gb.  This system starts at $799.00 and you can order the base model from our webstore  Contact for education pricing.

Black Lab POWERServe - 1U Rackmount Intel Core i3-540 3.06GHz, 16GB DDR3 Up to 32GB DDR3, 2x 500GB Hard Drive.  Starting at 1,299.99 you can order the base model from our webstore Contact for education pricing.

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