Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finalizing PC/OS

Well guys the Package freeze for 2009 has been initiated and finalized. This concludes the development of PC/OS 2009. All thats left is the final testing phase which brings out any and all final bugs and we are working very hard to squash them before they get to you, the user. So lets go over whats different.

The theme is ia_ora which originated with Mandriva Linux and the Moheli Window decoration is used. The Crashbit orange icon theme is used. So we are pretty much satisfied with the new interface and the new layout which is only one shelf versus the two shelf that was utilized in earlier versions.

These are some of the packages that the two releases have in common. PC/OS OpenDesktop and OpenWorkstation. Fontmatrix has been added for Font Management, Wine 1.1.6, Gimp 2.6, Pidgin 2.5.1, Asunder for CD ripping and UFRaw, kernel 2.6.24-21. LikeWise Open Fall edition, Gnome Photo Printer, Unison, OpenSSH and Denyhosts has been added as well. Gufw has been updated to the latest release. Firefox 3 has been added to replace Flock. Picasa was removed from OpenDesktop due to the fact that the size of Picasa 3.0 took it over the 700mb CD limit. In OpenDesktop gThumb replaced Picasa. Picasa will be included in the Feature Pak for OpenDesktop. Picasa will be included in OpenWorkstation.

OpenWorkstation keeps its professional theme with all the developer tools and multimedia tools. 3.0 has been added to OpenWorkstation. Eclipse will be included as will Gambas 2. Gambas replaces RealBASIC as RealBASIC wasnt as popular as one would have hoped. It will be included in the OpenWorkstation Feature Pak.

Some changes that were cancelled includes WICD. This was cancelled due to the fact it worked fine on a live system but the LiveCD plays havok with WICD so NetworkManager was retained.

So once again, everythings finalized and the final stage of testing is through. In three weeks PC/OS 2009 will be released.

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