Saturday, November 29, 2008

Coming up in PC/OS 2009.1

So like always we are looking at what to do with PC/OS 2009.1

This release is scheduled for a Feb 2009 release and is mostly a tweak fix. As always all important updates will be included. This is not to say that there will be no maintenance pack for PC/OS 2009, there will be but this will be for new users and current users who want their experience up to date.

So here is whats in store.

We tweaked the user interface a little. We reintroduce the Human/Ubuntulook themes into this build for those that want the default Human theme that comes with Ubuntu. More colors are in store and not just orange. We are actually considering making either Human the default or Human blue. Opta2 which was introduced with some tweaks by cris in PC/OS 2009 gets an update to Opta3 which tweaks the look even more so that it doesn't look so out of place in PC/OS and will probably become the default. Panel layouts will not change much if any. One of the reasons for sidelining pcosGilouche is a bug where the title of a window will overlap the close, maximize and minimize buttons. Opta3 is also one of the developers babies and looks better with the human themes anyhow. The only dispute now is orange or blue.

We also include the volstatus applet which allows you to remove removable media with a single click so no more right clicking in the Navigator applet to dismount volumes.

Filezilla replaces gFTP, its a nicer utility and is more feature rich.

One of the most requested features is to provide access to root filemanager so in the menu we have that option now, you will need to know the root password to access this function.

We are also looking to clean up the system. Make it so non crucial services dont start up and non needed packages are removed totally. More wireless drivers will be provided if not natively, for ndiswrapper.

We will also audit open desktop more to see what can be moved into the feature pak and what needs to stay, we do need user feedback so do participate in the forums

OpenCore 2 will be the most changed in terms of user interface. More details on that later.

So basically some more exciting things in store in terms of performance, and features. But once again, a work in progress so some things are subject to change.

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