Sunday, November 2, 2008

PC/OS 2009 wrapped up

Testing of PC/OS and debugging has finally finished. After some bug fixing and having to roll back some changes we are now with a release I can be proud of and one that in my testers eyes is a winner. The UI changes out of the way here is the theme lineup. You have the basic XFCE themes. Moheli and Nodoka Human are the default themes. You also have a Red, Green and Blue theme. They are alos available in a dark theme as illustrated below but thats not the default. That was a special request that I had 3.0 has been added and is stable as has the Gimp 2.6 and Pidgin 2.5. Vlc o.9.5 made it into both desktop releases. The XFCE menu has stayed intact, I contemplated using the Mint Menu and/or the Sled menu through XFapplet but the overhead would have been prohibitive. Fontmatrix has been added as has the latest Scribus and Wine. OpenWorkstation has a video converter and video editing app. This is because after talking to some of my control group some of them do lightweight video editing. QT Designer 4 has also been added to the roundup of developers tools so that developers can decide whether they want to do GTK programming or QT. A Multimedia Pak will be added for purchase as well as the base install so like OpenServer System users will recieve 2 disks. Some of the backtracks I had to do. I went back to Exaile and GTKPod. Since Floola no longer supports the Rocker and just supports the iPod I really saw no need to leave GTKPod. It works with the touch as well so at anytime iPods dont work I may have to devise an alternative plan such as Banshee or something. Wammu, Mobile Phone manager has been added and seems to work with many models. The newest LikeWise and Samba have been added to this release as well. A list of all shipped Applications will be posted at time of availability.

As soon as I pack the Multimedia Pak and Add-On Paks PC/OS 2009 will be made available.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I love the "old" version, with flock *wink*, but I can't wait to try out the new version. Very exciting indeed :)

Roberto J. Dohnert said...

Due to an issue with the Flock team I will no longer be able to post a release with the Flock browser. Flock met with some mixed reviews and if I was able it probably would still be the default.

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