Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Uses for PC/OS OpenCore

Last night during our conversation between the team members and we came up with the idea for an OpenCore OS we decided what criteria for the system.

As lightweight as possible. For this purpose everything non-essential has mostly been removed. We included things that users may want to use such as OpenVPN and OpenSSH. We also included a CD burning app, brasero, remastersys.

The user is in control of applications. The user decides on the packages from web browser to development environment. The user decides. If you want to build a scientific workstation, you can. If you want to build a developer workstation you can. If you want to build a technical workstation you can. If you want to create a virtual machine host, you the user are in charge and when you have your perfect experience you can use remastersys to throw it all together in a LiveCD.

What PC/OS OpenCore is not. It is not a completely free distribution, it does lack all the proprietary codecs and no proprietary software is installed by default but the kernel still is the vanilla Ubuntu kernel which has binary blobs. If you want a completely free distribution, you can try gNewSense or Ututu.

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