Wednesday, December 31, 2008

PC/OS PowerStation discontinued

Myself and the developers have decided to quit the enhancement and distribution of PC/OS PowerStation. PowerStation 2009 was the release of PC/OS for the PowerPC. Why was the decision made to quit the development of this release? The low demand for it and the lack of available software for PPC Linux. There just wasnt enough for me to offer a product on par with what the Open32 and Open64 line can deliver. Also, there was only one release and while the release worked well there just wasnt enough resources for me to continue development especially for the efika and Sam440 boards so for a good PowerPC desktop alternative I will start recommending Yellowdog Linux and for you folks with G3 iMacs I recommend Fedora 10. The Yellowdog and Fedora development teams have enough developers, experiences and resources to develop PowerPC releases and there just isnt much if anything PC/OS can bring to the table for that platform.

The G5 and the IBM POWER system have been returned to the donaters as I just didnt feel comfortable keeping those systems and not delivering a sustained product that targeted those systems and despite user intervention selling those systems on eBay just isnt my style.

So what about PC/OS for the PS3? That system is still under development and uses the Ubuntu PS3 build to build upon and that is still onging and will not be discontinued. while its not the focus build right now, its just something really cool to play with. The main focus right now is Open32 and Open64 series of PC/OS.

I do want to thank those that actually tried to help make PowerStation 2009 a success. When my G3 bit the dust two members of the community stepped forward and donated equipment and to those guys I want to say thank you.

So does this mean the PC/OS team will abandon PowerPC? Nope. I will continue to offer assistance with the development of PPC Linux to Fixstar and Fedora and yes I still play with PPC Linux a couple of the other PC/OS developers play with it as well.

Despite this bad news, I want to say Happy New Year and I look forward to the new year. Does this relect a change in delivery for OpenCore and Appliance? Nope. They will still be delivered on Jan 12, 2009 and Maintenance Pack 1 will be delivered on Jan 5, 2009.

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