Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Concerns over Opera

Some users have expressed concerns over shipping Opera as the default browser, namely are we going to have a repeat of Flock.  The answer, simply put is no.  I have registered and legally authorized to redistribute Opera.  The defaults will not be changed.  Links to PC/OS related material will be available in the bookmarks section.  Many of my control groups have had great success in using Operas mail client and the performance of Opera in general and have all informed me that it was a great choice.

Opera is the default for several Mobile platforms and for systems like the Wii and Nintendo DS.

I am looking forward to the success of Opera in the PC/OS operating environment.

Does this mean I am closed minded to Google Chrome or another browser choice?  No.  When Chrome for Linux is released I will evaluate the release and make a decision based on the findings at that time but for right now the default is Opera with Firefox in the repositories.

1 comment:

PKodon said...

Okay, I'll accept that your testing has proven Opera to be a good choice, however, here's some experience I had with Opera in Kubuntu:

I have my email with Yahoo, and I had trouble getting the flash plugin to work with Opera, had trouble getting Opera (and later Firefox) set up as my default browser, and Yahoo told me that I could not look at my email in the new interface, nor access IM from their website, with Opera.

Now, if you can get Opera to work with the flash plugin, Yahoo email without resorting to "classic" mode, and their web-based IM in the new interface, I'll accept that it's the right one.

BTW, I was a fan of Opera under Win98SE, so don't think I'm anti-Opera, I just want something that works everywhere I go.

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