Thursday, January 1, 2009

PC/OS 2009.1 Changes

This time we are here to discuss some of the changes in PC/OS 2009.1. There qre a few in OpenDesktop and OpenWorkstation that will make lives easier for users and small businesses. We have trimmed down the release. Removed some unneeded apps and shut down some startup services that seemed redundant to keep running.

Also included is the new bootup manager utility, also known as BUM and sysv-rc-config has been removed.

All important kernel and system updates have been applied.

Also a few new graphics apps will debut in OpenWorkstation. Fyre, and a QT app for managing Hdr graphics workflow. Songbird has been removed permanatly. Exaile was the more popular choice.

In OpenDesktop, Thunderbird has been removed and replaced with Sylpheed 2.5.0 due to the fact we wanted to keep OpenDesktop lightweight. ePDFviewer replaced Evince and eFax has been added to both releases. We have also rebuilt the images from scratch so that it takes away any legacy garbage that stays through the build process.

In all releases the new interface changes take place. We are going back to the two shelf layout common in most Linux distros. One of the biggest changes is task management. Instead of a taskbar we rely on Iconbox which is a more visual representation of the apps users are working with.

Above is the default layout for the top shelf. We have the menu, notes app, clipboard, search utility, Iconbox, system monitor, system tray, volume control, clock, Window List.

Above is the default layout for the bottom shelf. First we have the Desktop viewer which hides all the open apps, next is the Navigator applet which lists all media, the Web Browser, e-mail client, VLC, Office Launcher ( In OpenDesktop the apps in the place of will be AbiWord and GNumeric), Exaile, terminal, Desktop Switcher and the trash can.

Also debuting is the new Window Decoration. Just4PCOS. This is derived from the Xubuntu deco Just4Fun with the same buttons that made PC/OS famous, the BeOS style minimiz, maximize and close buttons. The new color is Blue. We are doing away with the orange colors due to user complaints and we went with the more modern Human style themes.

So in keeping with the tradition of keeping our users in the know this is the newest release and its been sent to testing. The Open64 series will follow the same layout as will Open32 Server, Appliance and Open32 Core.

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