Monday, January 19, 2009

PC/OS 2009v2 ends the CD line

With PC/OS 2009v2 we end the OpenDesktop CD.  OpenDesktop will also be a DVD release the ISO will exceed 700mb but not by much.  This way we can still include Piscasa, wine and other applications.  PC/OS WebStation 1.0 and  OpenServer System and OpenCore will still be CD format.

PC/OS naming will be pulled back numeric, PC/OS 10.0 will be released around December 1st 2009.  After PC/OS 2009v2 work will begin on PC/OS Open64 Workstation full time with an availability of June 1st 2009.  There will only be two versions of PC/OS Open64.  Open64 Workstation and PC/OS Open64 Server both of which will be a retail product.  Will there be a free download?  Possibly.

So that is what we are looking at for the future of PC/OS.  Lets get crackin.

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