Monday, February 2, 2009

Clearing up some confusions about PC/OS 2009v2

There has been a lot of confusion regarding PC/OS 2009v2.  So Im here now to clear it up.  So here it is.

GNOME will replace XFCE:  False, PC/OS will always retain XFCE as the DEFAULT.  The retail release of PC/OS is the only release to utilize GNOME as an option.  This is for customers who dont want to retrain from GNOME and who dont want to replace GNOME.  OpenWorkstation though still boots into XFCE as the default.

PC/OS 2009v2 will remove multimedia codecs from the system:  False, PC/OS will retain all support for multimedia codecs and playback.  This icludes Flash, WMV, mov, WMA etc. etc.  The only multimedia functionality being removed from OpenWorkstation is the advanced multimedia creation tools similar to PC/OS 2009.  Basically this extra package brings the capabilities up to similar functionality as Ubuntu Studio.

PC/OS 2009v2 ends the CD line:  False, this was the plan but speaking to customers and partners this will not be feasible.  PC/OS OpenDesktop will retain the sub 700mb size.

PC/OS OpenWorkstation is the one recieving the most changes and that will affect the most users.

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