Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cubas Nova Linux

I have fielded many inquiries into Cubas Nova Linux distribution.  So I figured I would write a blog post about it.

Basically with Nova Im taking a wait and see approach.  Many hurdles have to be overcome for Nova to be successful.  The most important of those hurdles will be on the part of the Gentoo project.  Can they incorporate those changes that the Cuban government makes back into the main project.  How much pressure is the US government going to put on Daniel and team. 

One of the pitfalls for Cuba is the support mechanism.  Will Nova become just a Gentoo fork with Cuba having to support itself?

On a personal note we were this || close to making Gentoo the base for PC/OS, in fact two of the original prototypes for OS/4 were Gentoo based, we chose Ubuntu for purely technical reasons.  

Back to Nova.  Once again, I am taking a wait to see approach and I do hope its very successful for them.

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Here are my thoughts about Nova:

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