Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PC/OS Roadmap for 2009

Well guys the new year is off to a start and with that comes the need to do the roadmap for PC/OS.  Last year on our roadmap we made several predictions.  All but 2 came to pass.  DesktopWorkstation never came to be, and the E17 release never came.  For DesktopWorkstation just licensing couldnt be agreed upon and reniging on the part of some commercial entities happened.  The E17 maintainer never got back to me so that fell through as well.  So what do we have planned for 2009?  Some new products will be released and PC/OS will continue to get updated.

February 26th 2009 -- PC/OS OpenDesktop 2009v2 and PC/OS WebStation will be released.  These are the free downloads for PC/OS.

March 15th 2009 -- PC/OpenSuite for Windows will be released.  This brings many popular open source applications for the Windows platform and brings them together in one pack.  This will also be a retail product.

March 25th 2009 -- PC/OS OpenServer System 8.4 will be released.  This will be a bug fix release as well as add some server role functionality to PC/OS Server.

June 15th 2009 -- PC/OS Open64 Workstation 2009 and OpenServer System 2009 will be released .  This brings PC/OS to 64 bit computing.

September 10th 2009 PC/OS 2009v3.  This will merely be a bug release and fix for the PC/OS 2009 series and users will just have updates and will not have to reimage their systems.  No new functionality will be added.

November 10th 2009 PC/OS 10 will be released.  This will be the non-lts release of PC/OS based upon Ubuntu 9.04 and will be the first non-LTS release.  A 64 bit release is contingent on the time I have to work on PC/OS at that time..

December 12th 2009 PC/OS OpenServer System 8.5 -- Also a bug release, no new functionality will be added just bug fixes.  Users will not have to reimage their systems.

January 5th 2010 PC/OS 10.1 will be released.

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