Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Psystar no longer carrying PC/OS

Unfortunately, and without my knowledge (I was told by a client who went to order some machines) it appears that Psystar has quit shipping PC/OS OpenWorkstation which is a shame.  They had it at no cost and they were shipped updated releases when releases were available and I even shipped them releases with maintenance packs integrated.  So while disappointing, its their business to do with as they please.  I wish Psystar the best of luck with their future product offerings.  if you are interested in shipping PC/OS with your hardware do let us know.  We here at PC/OpenSystems LLC will be glad to help you in anyway.  We will still produce the OEM ISO's for anyone who may be interested.

We are still shipping OpenWorkstation on the 12th at the discounted rate through on-disk.com.  So once again, Psystar, no longer shipping PC/OS OpenWorkstation.  


Anonymous said...

I took a look at their Linux offerings and there are no all-in-one multimedia distributions, so I guess they dont care to offer their users one unless its Windows and Mac OS X. That I might add they are shipping illegally. PC/OS is great, dont get discouraged by this.

Anonymous said...

Well its their loss. The problem I have with a normal Ubuntu install is the fact that I have to go to the repositories to make my system usable. And unfortunately I cant do that without using my wireless adaptor which I have to use the b43-fwcutter which doesnt ship with Ubuntu which requires an active internet connection, it does ship with PC/OS. My dorm is wireless so I dont have a Jack to plug in. One thing is for sure, if thats Psystars Linux lineup I wont be buying.

Roberto J. Dohnert said...

The client went with Dell. The only reason they looked at Psystar was specifically to support PC/OS and when they didnt find it they went with a competitor. I dont know the deciding factors and really could care less. My only beef is if they thought PC/OS was crap just let me know that you werent going to use it. I spent hours creating an OEM specific ISO for them, they obviously never used it.

PC/OS when they got involved was at 2008v2 and that was an incredible release and the updates have been widely accepted. Unfortunately now if they want it they will pay OEM pricing for OpenWorkstation. We are 33 on Distrowatch, I have over 300 hits a day and a few weeks ago we hit our one millionth download of PC/OS. PC/OS 2009v2 will as always expand on that set and hey, if I get no OEM deals I am fine with that. PC/OS is tested on multiple configurations from many companies and pretty soon I will start a list of those companies so that users can buy machines from a known source that they know they will have a good experience. I will keep producing the OEM ISO's specifically for people who may want to pick it up again but the Psystar pullout saves me time, bandwidth and a lot of unanswered e-mails. If someone wants to donate a Psystar machine so that I can test it in case you have an urge to buy one let me know. The time has come to replace two of the build machines and as one poster said, I also wont be buying from Psystar.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of dweebs they must have there. PC/OS blows away their current Linux lineup. But you are probably better off. Apple will obliterate them when their lawsuit goes to court.

Anonymous said...

asked em about it but got 0 response. Well, one less vendor I will never buy from.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, with Psystars future looking as cloudy as it does with the Apple lawsuit etc. This is probably a good thing. Apple will more than likely go after others in this mess and you could be guilty by association.

I have seen better machines btw and I prefer Dells anyhow.

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