Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taking pre-orders for PC/OS 2009v2

We are now taking pre-orders of PC/OS 2009v2 on The 14.99 price covers the two set ISO files. Remember the price of 14.99 is only until March 1st 2009 when it goes up to $24.99.

So what comes with PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2009v2?  Here is a list of what you can expect.

The debut of the full GNOME desktop.  GNOME is a very popular desktop among businesses and many of them dont want to retrain their users on the PC/OS desktop, so what we say is this:  If you dont want to switch, you dont have too.  The GNOME desktop in PC/OS is the full release.  If you use GNOME, you now have it and if you want to retrain your users on PC/OS desktop, by all means do so.  We put a lot of work into it and it does boot into the default PC/OS desktop upon startup.

Core Update.  The kernel and all other utilities correspond to Ubuntu 8.04.2 with all updates, bug fixes, new hardware drivers etc.

Developer tools updates.  The developers tools have been enhanced by two editions.  Systemtap allows you to test your applications for memory leaks and other performance debilitating problems without you, the developer having to blind guess and rebuild your packages repeatedly.  MingW is also installed by default.  We know that you will use Windows, you will want to deploy your applications on Windows so with MingW you can cross compile your applications on PC/OS to target the Windows platform.

Additional changes.  Now for the default browser we use the fast, award winning Opera browser.  So I know what you are asking, didnt we try this one time with Flock?  Well now, we can redistribute Opera with no hinderance.  All advanced GUI's work with Opera and all Flash content plays on Opera, Libxine still handles all those pesky WMA, WMV, and Quicktime content. Opera mail is included with Opera but lets say you have Evolution data to be brought over, well bring it over, Evolution is also included by default.  Boot Manager allows you turn on and off services for system boot, gSmartControl tells you the status of your hard drives so now if you have a failing drive PC/OS can warn you about it.  PPPoE is also included by default as well for ADSL connections.  Seahorse for passwords and encryption keys has been updated and Truecrypt for data encryption has been updated to the newest release.

Multimedia Pack.  This brings in functionality that stands up to UbuntuStudio or 64Studio.  With this we also bring in the realtime kernel, be warned all proprietary drivers will have to be reinitialized and any ndiswrapper wireless drivers will have to be reinstalled.  We have everything from music production, to graphic design to 3D modeling.  If you deal with the creative arts PC/OS OpenWorkstation Multimedia Pack has you covered. 

With this release we bring PC/OS to the level where it can be deployed in any environment, home or business, science or mechanics (with some additional software at the discretion of the user) we bring the geeks and the average users enough toys to play with and encapsulate all that within a drop dead gorgeous GUI that defines simplified computing.

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