Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Services around OS4

We have decided to institute some new services around OS4 OpenDesktop 13:

User created, PC/OpenSystems Delivered:  This new service surrounds the packages and the presentation of OS4.  Starting October 11, 2012 we will make custom installs of OS4 for customers.  We will install whatever packages the customers need and remove packages customers dont want.  We will also add customers artwork to the panels.  In effect what does this do for customers.

A) A release of OS4 specifically for your hardware and software needs.  Need a DJ recording studio?  We will make it.  Need a high performance workstation for 3D modeling and Data Analysis?  We will make it for you.  Do you need it focused on education applications?  We will make it for you.  Need a video studio?  We will make it

B) If you have a specific computer type?  We will optimize OS4 to work on YOUR hardware model

C) Want your company logo as your menu icon?  We will set it for you

Requirements:  For users with a support subscription this service will be priced at $200.00 USD.  Any commercial applications the customer must provide them.  A specific hardware set the customer must provide us with a working system that will be returned once work is complete.

For customers without a support subscription the price will be $500.00 USD.   Any commercial applications the customer must provide them.  A specific hardware set the customer must provide us with a working system that will be returned once work is complete.  All images must retain OS4 assigned copyright to them

Benefit to the customer:  Reduced IT costs.  We understand that OS4 comes with applications your users wont use or you dont want them to use and your IT staff can take time to remove packages, add security measures and lock down your systems.  When you subscribe to this service, we do all the work for you so your IT staff can be resourced where they need to be.
Faster deployment.  When we customize your install, it will be ready to deploy in your organization as soon as you receive it.  Your IT staff will not have to alter the install image at all and can just image your machines with confidence that you have the applications and services you need and you dont have the applications and services you dont need.
A completed 3rd party security audit,  we are partnering with a local IT security firm that will audit your completed system so customers can be reassured that the PC/OpenSystems LLC team did not in any way put "back doors" in your system and no mechanisms are in place that would allow ANY third party access to your data center.

New Server based services :  We already know that OS4 OpenServer is as easy to use as OpenDesktop and OS4 OpenServer is as functional or more functional than Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux and even SUSE Enterprise Linux.
Starting with OS4 OpenServer 1.0 each release will be ready to deploy, Oracles Database products and complete support for Oracles social network.
Starting with OS4 OpenServer 2.0 we will be working with Amazons Web Services to create an AMI (Amazon Machine Instance) for use with Amazon Web Services.  Please note:  We will not be including advertising for Amazons services or products through OS4 OpenDesktop or OS4 OpenServer.
In the revised price list we will be including a support subscription for maintenance and service for Amazons Web Services and Windows Azure service accounts.

Benefits to customers:  Customers can be assured that OS4 OpenServer is ready to deploy Oracles database and social network services as well as popular open source server solutions.  Customers know that OS4 OpenServer is faster at delivering these services than Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux and SUSE Enterprise Linux.
By deploying OS4 OpenServer customers will see big savings in terms of support and software acquisitions.
Using our support for your Windows Azure and Amazons Web Services accounts the customer will experience reduced IT costs, reduction in paid overtime and better staff resources.

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Winter Edwards said...

I am very excited to see that you are thinking to providing better facility for the community.

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