Thursday, February 14, 2013

OS4 Enterprise 4.0 released

Today we are pleased to release OS4 Enterprise 4.0 for the general public.  What is OS4 Enterprise 4.0 vs OS4 OpenDesktop 13?  OS4 Enterprise is built with enterprise customers in mind.  OS4 Enterprise 4.0 is built on LTS technologies and the release schedule is a little more spread out than our community driven distribution, OS4 OpenDesktop.  With OS4 Enterprise 4.0 customers get a Full Microsoft compatible office suite, a Groupware suite as well as complete development environments.  In OS4 Enterprise 4.0, we are delivering a system that utilizes Roles.  Roles are what specific task you want your OS to perform.

Right now we have two, desktop and server.  On the server side you have full server applications,

Full clustering suite
LikeWise Active Directory
OpenLDAP and GUI configuration utility
Support for WebObjects 5.4 and Oracle 11g

on the desktop side you have full productivity and development

All Build Essential applications

for productivity

LibreOffice 3.4
OpenShot Video Editor

We also include Wine for Microsoft compatibility

Built for the cloud, or the datacenter, OS4 Enterprise 4.0 delivers on all of your critical application needs whether on physical hardware or virtualization.

OS4 Enterprise 4.0 costs $99.99 USD and can be purchased through the OS4 Store (Until Monday February 18. 2013 the cost is $50.00 USD

Support Subscriptions are available for OS4 Enterprise 4.0 based on the number of deployed systems

For more information  check out the OS4 Enterprise homepage Also, here is a video, First look at OS4 Enterprise 4.0


Some have asked me for a list of the installed packages in OS4 Enterprise 4.0, we have uploaded that list here

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