Sunday, May 12, 2013

OS4 Enterprise 4.1 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of OS4 Enterprise 4.1. With this release we bring many advancements to the worlds premier enterprise Linux platform. We learned a lot from our release of Enterprise 4.0 and this release is based on customer feedback. Starting with the user interface. Many of our Enterprise customers coming from Red Hat and Oracle Linux wanted a consistent user interface that they had become accustomed to with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux and we believe we have achieved that and with some of the flare that OS4 is famous for. They also wanted features on par with what they were accustomed to on their platforms and what we came up with was perhaps the most feature rich enterprise Linux product on the market today.

Some of these features include:

Linux Kernel 3.2.0-41
Apache Web Server
Jakarta Tomcat
ZFS 0.6.2 for Linux
support for Microsoft Hyper-V
A completely redesigned Disk Utility so you can check disk health and view and create partitions not only on the physical computer but also on any computer in your network.
DWM Window Manager so you have access to a tiling Window Manager for use as your central control.
QT Design suite
Gambas 3
Deja-Dup backup utility
Full Red Hat cluster suite

OS4 Enterprise is also setup to be the root of all your enterprise desktop Linux needs. All the Ubuntu software repositories are available and you can download the latest software for the platform, unlike some of the competition who ship software 3 revisions behind. We have the full LibreOffice 4.0 suite, Gimp 2.8 among many more.

We also listened to customers who wanted the KDE desktop. Many companies have invested heavily in QT and we want customers to be able to preserve that investment. For the first time ever we have the full KDE SC 4.10 available in the repositories which offers the latest QT/KDE technologies. Its all just a download away.

Also on customer request we created a demo image so users can test the capabilities of OS4 Enterprise 4.1 and thats available on the OS4 Sourceforge page md5. The demo image cannot be installed on physical hardware.  It can be used as a live DVD or USB or used in Virtualbox or VMWare Player.

Priced at $100.00 per copy its a price you cant beat. You can order it directly from the OS4 Store or below.

We also offer several enterprise services such as document conversion, custom images, affordable support subscriptions and we offer a range of hardware tested and certified to run OS4 Enterprise 4.1 at the OS4 Store.  You can contact us by telephone (919)728-0386 or you can e-mail us here.  Our support subscriptions prices and a complete list of OS software that we support is available here.

Speed, Performance and Price, OS4 Enterprise 4.1 cant be beat.

OS4 Enterprise

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