Monday, June 24, 2013

Modernization through Black Lab Linux Enterprise

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For years, Enterprise customers used UNIX and other UNIX systems to achieve high performance on RISC based servers. But UNIX is going away—fast. Gartner predicts that shipments of UNIX products have declined 1.8 % and they predict UNIX will continue to decline

Recessions and Economy

During these rough times we are always asked to work with less and to cut costs.  Many times IT managers like to recycle older PC's and re-purpose them throughout the datacenter.  Most contemporary Linux vendors want you to purchase new hardware along with their software and claim that it will save you money.  With Black Lab Linux Enterprise it runs on your current hardware and we will support your current hardware thats 5 years old or newer.  We do not put stipulations on the type of hardware or the name of the hardware.  Black Lab Linux Enterprise also saves you thousands of dollars that you would pay contemporary Linux vendors for many of the same features.

In the times when budgets are being cut and IT managers are asked to make due with what they have, Black Lab Linux Enterprise brings you a modern and secure platform with forward looking technologies.

This makes Black Lab Linux Enterprise the recession-proof Operating System.

The time for Black Lab Linux Enterprise is now

If you’re using UNIX based systems or working on datacenter modernization projects, you’re probably already planning to migrate from UNIX. Your best choice is the proven alternative to UNIX: Black Lab Linux Enterprise

With Black Lab Linux Enterprise, you can:
  • Cut costs by deploying x64 based systems
  • Minimal retraining and strong training incentives with Black Lab Linux Enterprise
  • Rapid application development and deployment.
  • Move your datacenter from physical to virtual to cloud—any app, anywhere, any time.
  • Worried about trouble with your current UNIX based systems? Black Lab Linux Enterprise is not only the future of the datacenter, but we will also support your current UNIX installations for 12 months. Unlike other Linux companies who just sell you a product and leave, you get the personal touch of PC OpenSystems LLC, we will not leave until you are completely satisfied
As we work with you to migrate from expensive and inflexible UNIX servers to the datacenter of the future, look to Black Lab Linux Enterprise on x86. We will walk down the path to modernization with you , through migration.

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