Friday, July 12, 2013

Redistribution of Amiga Forever and FS-UAE

We are pleased to announce that we have come to terms with Cloanto on the redistribution and licensing of their popular product Amiga Forever.  Amiga Forever is the premier emulation technology of the classic Amiga systems on x86 hardware.  The Amiga forever package comes with 5 hours of video.  Over 200 game ROMS and Amiga OS 3.x.

Since Amiga Forever doesnt develop a Linux version we will be distributing OS4 OpenLinux 13.5 and 13.6 with the FS-UAE emulator which is best of breed on Linux systems and is freely available.

The OS4 OpenLinux + Amiga Forever bundle will cost $115.00 and will start shipping from the OpenSystems Marketplace, Tues  July 16, 2013. You can place your orders now.

OS4 OpenLinux + Amiga Forever

Roberto J Dohnert CEO and lead developer of OS4 OpenLinux had this to say " We are very pleased to be bringing these technologies to classic Amiga users and developers.  Users can run their favorite Amiga games and Amiga applications on top of the very best Linux based system on the market.  That coupled with the most state of the art hardware, this combination will feel like the fastest Amiga machine on the market.  We are pleased to be the only contemporary Linux distributor to bring this to our users and customers.  We would like to thank Mr.  Battilana and the staff at Cloanto for helping us make this possible"

About Amiga Forever

Amiga Forever website

About FS-UAE

FS-UAE website

About OS4 OpenLinux

OS4 OpenLinux Project

UPDATE July 17, 2013

There has been a faulty news report from a german news site who claims we do not have a license to sell this product.  Well this is wrong.  We are redistributing this product, we stand behind this product 100% just like the rest of our products and the first orders have already been shipped out to the people who have ordered them.  According to our Press and Public relations officer, Dana, she has not received ANY requests or e-mail from this news site requesting information.  So as far as we are concerned this is an unreliable and erroneous reporting.  Any requests regarding public relations or press relations needs to be directed to Dana Dice,  Any requests for licensing information or our partnerships needs to be directed to our legal department, and the best method of contact for that is and they will evaluate those requests.   We strive to bring you top notch products.  If we dont develop it than we go through outside vendors and we have established the partnerships and proper licensing to do this.

Thank you very much. 

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