Friday, October 25, 2013

BriQ A500 Released

Today we are extremely pleased to announce the OpenSystem BriQ A500.

This machine comes to us after a long wait and a search high and low for a technology partner who could help us bring the very best technology to our users.  With the success of the original BriQ the new system comes with the following:

Processor:  Intel Celeron 847 Dual Core 64 bit 1.10 ghz

RAM:         2gb expandable to 4 gb

Hard Drive: 320gb expandable to 1 TB

Networking:  Built in Gigabit Ethernet, Built in 802.11 B/G/N wireless connectivity

Display Adaptor:  HDMI, VGA

Connectivity:  USB 3.0 front USB 2.0 Rear

Graphics Chip:  Intel HD Graphics

This machine will be available Monday, Oct 28, 2013.

Roberto J Dohnert, our lead consultant and system designer contributed these remarks when asked,
 "With the BriQ A500, we have an ultra small, ultra light form factor system.  With Dimensions that make this smaller than the Mac Mini and a host of modern PC features not found in other "mini" form factors.  This system is a must have for productivity, entertainment and general consumer use."

Mr. Dohnert continues,

"With the original BriQ being our most successful PC model that we sell, its always a sell out, we expect the BriQ A500 to continue that tradition.  When we announced this to our partners and select customers the response was always the same.  How much?  Well, we are delivering the BriQ A500, with more advanced features; smaller, faster, lighter and more powerful for the same price that we offered the original BriQ.  $500.00 USD.  Getting closer to the holiday season we also plan to offer addons and different hardware configurations.  Also, given the generosity of ASUS, who is sending us three of these systems we decided to expand our giveaway.   With 5 days left for our October, OS/4 Giveaway we are adding one of the BriQ A500's to that giveaway.  So everyone that has bought OS/4 or donated to the OS/4 OpenLinux Project with their name in the drawing has a chance to win a brand new BriQ A500.  Anyone who donates or purchases OS/4 within the next 5 days, also has the same chance to win a brand new PC.  I think we are probably the only Linux distributor who has EVER done that.  You get a 2 TB external hard drive, an OS/4 cap and a BriQ A500 close to a thousand dollar value.  The second BriQ A500 will be our giveaway for November.  So if you dont win it in October you can win it in November."

It will be a very merry Christmas for someone.

Once again, the BriQ A500 will start shipping Monday, October 28 2013.

For availability and purchase visit the OpenSystems Marketplace

Thank you to our users and customers for allowing us to serve you.

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