Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Black Lab Linux 5.0.1 Enterprise Released

Today the Black Lab Linux team is pleased to announce the release of its Enterprise edition 5.0.1 to current and prospective customers.  With this release we have fixed a myriad of problems experienced with release 4.2.5. The fastest growing alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux has just gotten better.
Black Lab Linux Enterprise 5.0.1 introduces our new release schedule. Customers told us they wanted individual releases to be supported longer, so we will be delivering service pack updates to the current version every 12 to 18 months.

So what's new with Black Lab Linux Enterprise? A lot of changes have been made to the interface and under the hood.

1). New kernel update - Which adds more driver support for convertible PC's and more wireless adapters.
2). PackageKit is now our method for installing packages and updates.
3). VLC for video playback / Audacious for music playback
4). Font Manager – streamlined GUI to quickly and simply add fonts.
5). Microsoft Office Online - built in support for Office 365 subscribers to increase their productivity on our Linux desktop.
6). Citrix Receiver update to improve remote connectivity situations.
7). Google Chrome 34 with its own improvements and bugfixes.
8). Thunderbird e-mail with integrated Google Apps support.
9). Skype 4.12.
10) Streamlined Disk Utility – for partitioning and managing drives

Internally there have been some major changes as well.

1). OpenSSH 6.2 and QT 5.2.1 have been added
2). Gstreamer 1.2
3) Full support for installing on an XFS or BTRFS filesystem
4) Full support for OpenStack
5) Updated GTK libraries
6) Yum and RPM support to help you install your Red Hat LSB compliant applications.

This is is just a list of the most apparent changes. The development team has been hard at work and has applied over 300 updates system-wide.

You can find a full list of included applications on the datasheet.

If you are a preexisting customer, 5.0.1 will be uploaded to your account server no later than Saturday April 26, 2014.  New users can purchase Black Lab Enterprise 5.0.1 here or through a link on the Products page.  If you would like to test drive Black Lab Linux 5.0.1 Enterprise contact for a 60 day evaluation version.

Thank you.

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