Thursday, May 28, 2015

Corporate Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

I have been asked this question many times personally.  While I always said Black Lab Software would stay out of political rhetoric.  I dont consider this topic to be a political issue I consider it to be a human rights issue.

Myself as a person, and Black Lab Software as an institution believe the world to be a diverse place.  We have diverse individuals with many different creeds, religions, nationalities, sexuality and ideals.  Thats what makes this world so great.

Black Lab Software does believe in the biblical definition of marriage.  We also believe in the unions of same sex couples up to and including same sex marriage.  What we do not believe in is the oppression of people because of their sexuality and ideals using religion and/or political affiliation as a means to do so.  We believe in every individuals right to live, love and be happy whether you are a heterosexual couple, homosexual couple or whether you are transgender.

Our policy is not to discriminate against anyone regardless of color, nationality or sexuality and this includes not discriminating against anyone regardless of their spouses color, nationality or sexuality.

Black Lab Software as a company does not participate in any political lobbying.  We do not make contributions to any political parties nor do we allow employees to make political contributions in the name of the company.  Any violation of that rule results in immediate termination.  We do allow our employees to support whatever they wish personally.

We stand with the states that have legalized same-sex marriage and we continue to support states and individuals against persecution based on their own ideals and basic human rights.

If you have any questions regarding our corporate policies please send all inquiries to

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