Monday, November 23, 2015

Black Lab BriQ v5 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our new class of hardware : the Black Lab BriQ version 5.

The 5th incarnation of the Black Lab BriQ offers unique features and enhancements which disinguish it from its predecessors. First, VGA has been reintroduced on ALL models; HDMI is still included. The BriQ is totally air‐cooled which reduces power usage – energy savings are over 64% with the SSD drive option and 38% with a traditional laptop SATA hard drive. Space savings accompany power savings : the new BriQ is over 20% slimmer than version 4. It is also Black Lab's Green offering : the entire chassis is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum and the motherboards are 98% carcinogen free, making the BriQ, the most environmental friendly system on the planet.

 Black Lab Software is offering the BriQ in different configurations; specifications and pricing are listed below.

Black Lab BriQ:

4gb of RAM 64gb SSD drive, Intel i3 Processor 1.7 ghz $515.00 USD 
4gb of RAM 500gb Hard Drive Intel i3 Processor 1.7 ghz $450.00 USD

 Purchasing a BriQ gets you the same specs as Apple's equally configured Mac Mini at a savings of over $300.00.

 Some customers have asked. What about Pro? For Pro users we offer a system that's substantially faster than the consumer version and available in multiple configurations.

Black Lab BriQ Pro:

8gb of RAM 256gb SSD, Intel i5 Processor. $775.00 USD 
16gb of RAM 1TB HD, Intel i5 Processor. $995.00 USD

All Pro models of the Black Lab BriQ Pro comes with a 3 year extended warranty.

You can order the BriQ below or you can order it from our webstore

Black Lab BriQ
Order Notes:

Or if you want to order the Black Lab BriQ pro in its unique cluster configuration you can order from our Commercial Hardware Page or you can order Below:

Black Lab BriQ Pro
Order Notes

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