Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 for Black Lab Linux

Our customer base, always curious about what PC / OS is up to next, have asked us to layout the roadmap for Black Lab Linux 8, 9 and our Enterprise products. This writeup is in reply, so that our customers can understand what we're doing and why exactly it's being done.

Black Lab Linux 8 “Onyx”

Onyx will include new features to make the experience lovely, for even novice Linux users. Here's the list, be warned : it's gonna get a little geeky.

1. Linux kernel 4.2.
2. New X11 stack
3. Dtrace for Linux will make its debut in Onyx final
4. XFCE 4.12 with some unique mods
5. Aptik for migrating old data and settings to a brand new Black Lab system
6. New Device Driver manager
7. OpenJDK 8

There are more plans but some depend on licensing agreements – these will be introduced when viable.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 “Kildall”

Kildall will introduce features that make sense for the enterprise and Long Term Support (until 2021). The coming list of changes includes :

1. Linux kernel 4.2
2. New X11 stack
3. Dtrace
4. XFCE 4.12 with some of our own modifications
5. Aptik for migrating your old settings to your new systems
6. New Device Driver manager
7. Oracle JDK 8
8. XFS as the default filesystem

Black Lab Server 7 Service Pack 1 “Murdock”

Murdock is a bugfix and ISO refresh for Black Lab Server, with Long Term Support until 2025; it will contain 2 important new features

ZFS support

Black Lab Linux 9 “Diesel”

Still on the drawing board. This will, however, be PC / OS' LAST Ubuntu-based release.

Rumor Cleanup

Now to clear up some rumors : are we changing because Remastersys (aka Black Lab Image Creator) doesn't build Systemd images? NO. Black Lab Image Creator has in fact been modified to build them quite effectively and the new build for BLIC will be released to the public in June So why are we changing? To align future products with the Open Source community, not against it.  BLIC however will be continued to be developed for Ubuntu users and our customers who have mixed shops

 So there has been a rumor circulating over the last couple of days I need to address. We are not doing an Apple move where you have to buy hardware to acquire Black Lab Linux. Its not happening. Yes, Black Lab Server you have to buy the hardware but that makes sense. Critical mission backend stuff needs to work flawlessly and it was a conscious decision that was made with customers that with Black Lab Server that was the way to go. Now, why do we offer the donate button on the desktop? So you guys can donate IF YOU CHOOSE to do so. A donation is not required but we do appreciate it when they come in. It makes things easier.

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