Monday, November 27, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5 Released

Today the PC/OpenSystems Open Source development team is pleased to announce the public release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5, the latest development of our open source project.  We have made several enhancements which benefit both new users or veterans upgrading from our last release, or the one before that. Black Lab Enterprise Linux is a an excellent drop-in replacement for Windows, MacOS or other distributions of Linux.

BLEL 11.5 is distributed in two flavors, Desktop and Core.  The first is full featured, offering everything users need : productivity software, games, software development tools, cloud and business applications. It’s optimized for general everyday desktop use.  Core is designed for embedded systems, IoT devices and users who want to build their own systems from the ground up; servers, appliances and specialized desktop environments can be brought out of Core. The user has total control of what is installed, including only a web browser and media player by default.

What comes with Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5?

Kernel 4.10.0-40
XFCE 4.12
Chromium Browser
Thunderbird + Lightning Extension
Parole Media Player
Fully Licensed Multimedia Codecs
Support for all major gamepads and controllers

There are hundreds of thousands of applications available from the Software Center so you can expand on these selections to your heart’s content.  Whether you need a gaming system or productivity powerhouse, Black Lab Enterprise Linux is the fastest growing Linux based desktop system on the market today.

With the holiday season coming up you can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Linux as the perfect stocking stuffer and the Live USB or Live SD card come in seasonal packaging.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux
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You can download Black Lab Enterprise Linux from here

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