Tuesday, February 22, 2022

SNAP Vulnerabilities


As you guys know a few days ago a story came out about SNAP issues and security vulnerabilities.  Some concerns were also raised about the Canonical partner repository since 90% of those have been moved to SNAPS and that repository is no longer maintained.  Being based on Ubuntu many distributions may have potential issues.  Linspire, PC/OS and Freespire ARE NOT AT RISK!!!  Although our distributions are based on Ubuntu we do not utilize SNAPS at all.  We utilize the Flatpak format out-of-box.  Furthermore we do not enable the Canonical partner repository at all.  The only thing we use the Ubuntu repositories for are the base packages by default and we add the other applications ie Microsoft Edge, OnlyOffice, Zoom by their individual packagers.

Although we do not block SNAP installs by default and the user is free to download and enable SNAPS we may block SNAP in future releases of our OS products depending on whether they can wrangle their ongoing security issues satisfactorily .

Once again, users of Linspire, Freespire and PC/OS ARE NOT affected by these vulnerabilities with an out-of-box install whether full install or minimal install.  If you have enabled SNAP's on your own we recommend updating your systems immediately.

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