Case Studies and Testimonials

In this section we will post case studies of organizations who use Black Lab Linux, Black Lab Education Desktop and Black Lab Professional Desktop.  We are also leaving the comments section open so users can express their opinions and feedback for Black Lab Linux desktop technologies.  But keep it clean and respect each other.

Case Studies


Jamie coats said...

I work with the North Raleigh Community Church. We use Black Lab Linux for everything from administration to projection in our weekend services. Black Lab Software helped us and answered many questions we have had from installation to operation. With the release of Black Lab Linux 6 we have had the same friendly and courteous service. The Animation Kit is a must use when dealing with sermons and presentations.

Anonymous said...

Black Lab makes sense. Why? Your computer's California Chrome. Windows & mac have him slogging down the track through a 2-foot thick layer of Aunt Mable's jell-o salad. The GUI alone uses 70% of the CPU, not to mention an anti-virus. Black Lab ofers a choice of 3 light-weight GUIs designed to "let the hosses run!" Add in the inherent virus-resistance of Linux and the best customer service of any company in any industry anywhere, and you have a sure thing crossing the finish line ahead of everyone else. Black Lab is the official OS of bcustom guitars & basses.

Anonymous said...

I recently upgraded to the latest kernel for Black Lab. Not a Linux expert, but with Black Lab, you don't need to be. A couple of e-mails describing the situation resulted in a same-day solution and the new kernel was in command. Not only did they help, but talked me through it. Now I feel more competent. Black Lab know the importance of fixing the customer as well as the machinery. Well done, Gents!

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