Monday, October 13, 2008

Further Changes for PC/OS 2009

First of all, PC/OS Virtual Machine is right on target for release at the end of the month. Its pretty rock solid and stable and is quite ready for release.

Im still doing the app lineup for PC/OS and so far here is a list of what may be included.

WICD - WICD may be replacing network manager because its been my experience its more stable. The only reason NM 7 crossed my mind was due to mobile broadband support which I have found out is limited to 2 carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile. Im still evaluating the two so its up in the air.

Picasa 3 - Much better Linux support and is less buggier than Picasa 2.7 3.0 - Just released today I will offer an upgrade for current PC/OS users

Gimp 2.6

Pidgin 2.5

VLC 0.9.3 ** VLC 0.9.3 will be included in the OpenWorkstation release only. See below for details

Miro **

Referencer 1.1.5

Floola 3.6

** Because VLC 0.9.3 requires the QT libraries it may take the OpenDesktop ISO above the 700mb limit. Miro may be included in the OpenDesktop CD because its still GTK based, takes up less resources and is more of a fit for the consumer audience targeted by OpenDesktop.

Also its has been decided the default theme will change to the Mandriva Ia_Ora XFWM theme and GTK theme. This is not due to outrage over the be theme but because a fresher theme was needed and la_ora cut down on the need to create so many color schemes as it changes with your theme. Ia_ora is the creation of Mandriva and they deserve the credit and Mandriva will be listed in the credits section for PC/OS.

So far its shaping up to be a great release and as soon as more plans are ironed out we will post it here.

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