Friday, October 17, 2008

Progress report and deeper thought

After further testing and continuous beta testing we have finalized much more regarding PC/OS. For OpenWorkstation we have evaluated whats included in other high grade distributions like SLED, Xandros and others. Fast share, Instant desktop search, development and workstation related tools. With OpenWorkstation we aim to provide something that not only the creative types can use but professional users as well. Does this mean unbundling development and multimedia tools and providing them as addons through an offline repository? I dont want to pull a Microsoft and congest the market with multi-versions. So we are evaluating this approach as to what we should do in regards to what will ensure the success and adoption of PC/OS. As further testing and beta testing and countless hours of lost sleep add up and answers become clear we are more determined than ever not to just congest PC/OS with a hodgepodge of shit that is a nightmare for the system administartors that have to deploy it. It has to be adminstratable. These are problems that Im now focused on.

One of the few reasons I decided not to include Flock was based on the fact the Flock development team iss unwilling to offer assistance. Also if you run PC/OS in a business environment do you want to your users to be sharing photos, surfing MySpace or Facebook? probably not. If you want that you can easily add the MySpace and Facebook toolbars. I included the shortcuts for prism to Google Docs, GMail and GTalk because some businesses use those services, I include google maps because if you are a road warrior, more than likely you need that service. The decision to roam from the Be type theme was put into place for those that want a more professional and consistant look.

As we add final touches, redos take aways and everything else do let us know how we are doing as we add features, continue to tell us how we are helping you. Remember this your OS and you also have a say.

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