Sunday, December 28, 2008

The state of Amiga

Well I decided to do a non-PC/OS related post here. This is about one thing that pisses me off more than anything. The Amiga. No its not the OS. The OS was solid and you still have users that use the system, are very happy with it in fact it has a more rabid user base than the Mac, Linux and even the RiscOS. The Amiga was an excellent system and I even had one years upon years ago and its one I wished I had actually kept. The reason for this post is simple. I had a user e-mail me and tell me the new UI changes remind him of the AmigaOS. I have also had users tell me that the UI changes remind them of the RiscOS etc, etc. It gets irritating after awhile but in this case it got me thinking. I do keep up with Amiga and what Amiga Inc. does.

The current state of Amiga sucks. On one side you have the community, including Hyperion who develops the AmigaOS, then you have Amiga Inc. The whole saga reeks of a bad soap opera and is equally confusing. Since 2001 you have Bill McEwen claiming you will see something in a few weeks. In every interview its going to be in a few weeks. Since 2001 he claims, "Look for the poing ball." Well I have been looking and I havent seen it. So wheres it at? As a business owner and a tech enthusiast if I had somebody running my company, spending the amount of money he does and after 8 years he has nothing to show, I would throw him out on his proverbial ass. Anyone who has a stake in Amiga needs to get the house in order. Who owns the AmigaOS? If MorphOS violates your IP, go after em.

Honestly, Im beginning to think the AmigaOS has reached the end of its road. Amiga Inc. has resorted to doing "cross platform" applications and has basically confused the situation regarding the AmigaOS.

To quote "Its time for a change"

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SeanZ said...

Its a damn shame, if I had the money I'd buy it all and do it right.

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