Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PC/OS OpenCore 2.0 Details

Since OpenCore is so close to a release I figured I would go ahead and inform everyone on whats going on with it. First, OpenCore is a sliced down, cut down release. It contains no GUI applications for web, office etc. It boots in a console mode and thats what many people use it for is a command line only system. It has an X Window server and a cut down XFCE desktop. The point of this release is so that users can make tailored desktops or servers of what they need. Considering its size and the implementation it could be considered a FSF defined "free" release but thats not the point of the release.

Well with 2.0 I added three applications, all console mode apps. Gnuchess, Midnight Commander and Lynx.

PC/OS OpenCore is becoming a premium worthwile distribution. The release is on Monday, its a worthy upgrade from OpenCore 1.0. The next update will be probably 2010.

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