Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scrapping PC/OS 2009v2 interface changes

The community has spoken and we as a development team have listened. While we had many compliments on PC/OS 2009v2 UI changes we also had quite a few complaints. People like being able to group their tasks, people like the idea of having one bar and the last thing we, the PC/OS team want is to once again be compared to another OS. The Ami like themes will not be shipped with PC/OS 2009v2 and tonight over Skype, we the development team decided together to scrap the interface changes planned for 2009v2 and decided to stick with the interface everyone liked in PC/OS 2009. The enhanced icon theme will be there and the Opta3 window decoration will be included as well as the other enhancements.

I want to thank the community as a whole in taking part of this decision. Once again, you talked, we listened and are letting the community guide us. The white on black backdrop is staying with us for the forseeable future.

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