Monday, January 12, 2009

PC/OS OpenCore 2.0 Released

PC/OS OpenCore 2.0 has been released. With this release brings a much more refined system. Many unnecessary packages have been removed and boot time optimized. PC/OS OpenCore is a release for users to be able to customize their own desktop or server system adding only packages they want and they need.

This release also highlights many of the features users wanted to see. cnetworkmanager has been added to this release so that users can manipulate networkmanager from the command line using a wireless network, Midnight Commander has been added for file manipulation and elinks has been added for web browsing. tftp has been added for accessing Cisco routers.

The system boots up in command line only, although a cut down XWindow system and a cut down XFCE desktop have been added.

This system does not contain Java, the multimedia frameworks, office applications or advanced web technlogies.

known issues: The cnetworkmanager needs superuser access to function properly: This only occurs for connecting to or viewing available networks.

when cnetworkmanager connects it doesnt drop me back to a command line. You can just ctrl-c to quit cnetworkmanager you are connected to your network

for a complete list of the functions available for cnetworkmanager look here

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